Toplist: David’s Most Hated Scenes

If you believe that David (Zanjoe Marudo) deserves all the hate in world, then, we can’t blame you. The man is a narcissist to the core. He’s manipulative, violent, a deep-dyed cheater, and an expert in destroying lives. This Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from “The Broken Marriage Vow” will serve as evidence.

While some men commit adultery in private, although that doesn’t make it less evil, David doesn’t mind doing it with an audience. After all, his closest friends knew but didn’t care. In that trending party scene, David flirted with ex-mistress Lexy (Sue Ramirez) even in front of his guests and knowing his wife Jill (Jodi StaMaria) might catch them.

And the way he charmed both women with lies was pure evil, although we also hated Lexy for believing him. When Lexy is in doubt, he’d bring out sweet flattery and passionate kisses and promise to love her “forever and ever.”

Same thing happened when Jill asked him straight up about having a side chick. They say the best way to confirm a man’s tryst is to ask him directly. Look him in the eye because chances are he would struggle to look back. Well, myth busted. David is proof that cheaters can make the most satisfying eye contact while blandly denying the affair.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, he’s with his paramour. He even ditched a family dinner, kept Jill and Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) waiting at the restaurant, to spend the night with Lexy. That was just after he promised to make it up to them. He’s so unable to control his thirst, shown in that scene of him and Lexy making out inside the car during office hours.

When asked by Sandy (Angeli Bayani) to make up his mind, as if it wasn’t obvious who he must choose, David said he loves Jill and Lexy. So, he’s keeping them both. But when things got horribly wrong after the affair was exposed, David chose the mistress over his family.

Then, he played the victim card but it didn’t work out. He then tried to turn the tables by accusing Jill of mental instability due to her suicidal attempt, as if he didn’t cause her mental anguish by cheating. David’s audacity is just too unbelievable.

As if it isn’t enough to break Jill’s heart and their home, he went as far as breaking her bones. David physically assaulted his ex-wife, tossing him in jail. But, jail time didn’t last long after getting help from Lexy, who was so madly in love to realize she’s just giving him a chance to repeat his mistakes.

It only took David two years, and the Luceros’ wealth, to forget his troubled past. He returned to Baguio bringing his new family – and a new level of arrogance. Viewers were irritated watching him brag about his achievements to Jill. He said he doesn’t believe in karma. But given that karma exists, he’s done dealing with it and even become more successful. He claimed that he’s fully moved on while Jill is still stuck in the past thinking about him. These words, he uttered with an inflated ego, making it sound like he’s the only man in the world.

David adds innocent people into the mix, even his own son. He poisoned Gio’s mind about Jill’s friendship with Gabby (Jake Ejercito) until Gio decides to abandon Jill. David was satisfied with where his evil plans are going, until Lexy meddled. Since he’s a puppet of the Luceros, David will obey all their orders even when Lexy asked him to kick Gio out of their house. 

He also involved Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio) by setting him up with a woman, enough to destroy his relationship with Carol (Bianca Manalo). 

Later on, David’s time to suffer has finally arrived. Now he has nothing – neither his original family nor the second one, not even wealth or a house to live. The Luceros took everything from him as punishment for his infidelity toward Lexy. Desperate, David tried to soften Gio’s heart but to no avail. And as if he’s gone insane, he threatened to kill himself in front of Jill. 

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