“The Broken Marriage Vow” iconic scenes garner sparkling reactions from the cast

The Broken Marriage Vow is so addicting we can feel the same amount of entertainment and ‘gigil’ even after replaying the scenes a million times already. Even the cast members who know all the scenes by heart had giddy reactions to the series’ trending scenes.

In this exclusive feature, The Broken Marriage Vow stars  Jodi Sta Maria, Zanjoe Marudo, Sue Ramirez, Zaijian Jaranilla, Bianca Manalo, Ketchup Eusebio, Jane Oineza, and Jake Ejercito re-watched the most iconic scenes from their series.

We begin with the hospital showdown between Jill (Jodi) and Lexy (Sue) wherein the latter confirmed her pregnancy, and they both knew that the father is Jill’s husband, David (Zanjoe Marudo). The cast recalled it was filmed on their first cycle and the whole scene was done in a single good take. Sue revealed that she still has her jacket in that scene.

The next one infuriated us to the core as David destroyed Carol (Bianca Manalo) and Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio)’s relationship  by setting up the latter with another girl. Charlie became a single guy on the spot.

Jodi applauded Bianca’s performance, particularly the moment she introduced herself as Charlie’s ex-wife. Then, she looked at Zanjoe and said, “Evil! ‘Yung mata mo!”

Of course, the most exciting part is the 'kabit'-reveal scene wherein Jill exposed David and Lexy’s skeletons to Fred (Art Acuna) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) over dinner. The cast enjoyed watching the scene, and what’s more, they still remember the lines.

In that scene, Lexy got up and hit the back of Jill’s head, to which Sue reacted, “Ate, takot na tako niyan na batukan ka baka sumubsob ka sa wine glass.”

Jodi also had the same reaction as all of us, “’Yung cochinillo, hindi nakain!” Everyone cheered for Jodi the moment she confidently walked out of the mansion, leaving the villains in a chaotic scene behind.

Everyone’s getting ready for the heart-shattering part, so don’t miss the remaining episodes of The Broken Marriage Vow on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.