Broken Marriage Vow: Jill as a mom

In the wake of betrayal, Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) felt sorry for her marriage but there’s one thing about it she will never regret – how it made her a mom to Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla). After all, he is the miracle that helps her pull through. Be amazed by Jill’s unfaltering love for her son via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from The Broken Marriage Vow.

We’d understand if Jill gets overwhelmed with distress and constant work. But there was never a moment she stopped being a hands-on mother. The first scenes established their routine. At night, coming home from work, she’d look at his calendar to check what needs to be prepared for the next day. When Gio wakes up the next morning, all he has to do is take a shower and breakfast because all his needs, from breakfast to uniform and school requirements, Jill has already fixed. She’d also drop off and pick him up from school. She was never late or forgetful.

In her heart, he will never be too old for her kisses and hugs. He’s her strength and weakness. Because of him, she was torn between resentment and forgiveness upon learning about David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s affair. She wanted to explode in anger but had to keep her silent to protect Gio’s feelings.

Proof of a mother’s authentic love is humility. Jill knows when to apologize to her son. She felt sorry when he got into trouble trying to defend her from controversies.

There came a time when Jill had to resign to her fate. We could only imagine her pain while explaining things to Gio, telling him that they’d be a broken family from that day forward. Seeing her son shocked and uncertain, Jill calmly said it’s not his fault. However, Gio also suffered from his parents’ separation until she grew tired of his mom. At some point, he blamed Jill for their family’s problems and sympathized with David.

Then, David’s domestic violence has ironically fixed the mother and son’s wobbly relationship. In that scene, Gio arrived home and caught Jill almost killed by David. At the hospital, Gio was relieved when his mother woke up. He apologized and promised to stick by her. In turn, Jill was quick to forgive.

Despite the anger and hurt, Jill is willing to co-parent with David if only to consider Gio’s feelings. She granted him the permission to attend David’s housewarming, although he said he’d rather bond with her.

However, Gio is again showing signs of behavioral issues akin to teen rebellion, which is most likely an effect of the family disruption. He got uncontrollably drunk one time.  The recent episodes highlight his brutal season of changes and uncertainties.

Jill makes an effort to connect with Gio no matter how difficult he seems. She tries to be as patient and understanding no matter how she gets rejected. Proving the magnitude of sacrifices she can make, she’d give up even her own happiness. She promised not to date Gabby (Jake Ejercito) again after learning that he is Gio’s coach and teacher.

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