Susuko o Lalaban Challenge: Sue Ramirez tackles relationship red flags and cheating

Starring in a series that tackle marriage and betrayal, Sue Ramirez learned a thing or two about relationship red flags. So we asked her opinion on different love scenarios related to the signs of a problematic and unhealthy relationship.

First things first, Sue believes red flags may not be present at all times. She said cheaters are expert manipulators that they can easily hide everything that would ruin their game. That’s why most women get surprised once their partner’s betrayal comes out in the open. Sometimes even the mistress could be clueless that the man already has a family or a partner.

Moving on to the game, Sue was asked her thoughts about keeping cellphones off-limits. Well, she isn’t the type to check her boyfriend’s phone especially when she doesn’t feel the need to. She thought it depends on the couple’s situation and dynamics. What she considers a red flag, however, is when the partner keeps an extra phone like David (Zanjoe Marudo) in The Broken Marriage Vow.

Next scenario is about a partner asking for space. “Bakit hindi ka mag-astronaut kung gusto mo ng space?” she quipped. Although it can also have valid reasons like going through personal problems, Sue would consider it a red flag especially when the couple has been together for years.

The third situation is about not going to bed at the same time, which Sue considers truly heartbreaking. “Malungkot siguro ‘yun. ‘Yung dadating kayong mag-asawa sa point na hindi na kayo sabay kakain. Hindi na kayo magkatabi matutulog o kung magkatabi man, talikuran na kayo. ‘Yung mga simple pero napakasakit na problema sa mga mag-partner. Of course, we are people and we need warmth from the people we love,” she mused.

Meanwhile, on the topic about inconsistency, Sue believes it’s not always about a third party, “Minsan katamaran, hindi lang kabit. Ang kalaban mo din diyan ‘yung pagiging kampante ng partner mo, na feeling niya na kahit hindi ka na niya sundin, hindi mo pa rin siya kayang iwan.”

She added that communication could help solve this problem, especially since unmet expectations can kill a relationship. “Sometimes you have to point it out. Our partners, they are not mind readers. There are some things that we want but they can’t really understand. Be direct to the point. Sabihin mo na lang kung anong gusto mo. May mga tao namang ganyan, ‘Gusto mo ng bulaklak? Sige bibilhan kita ng bulaklak.’ Sabihin mo na lang. Sometimes we also have to make adjustments. We also have to be more vocal sa mga partner natin.”

For the last round, Sue shared her thoughts on cheating, saying she’s not one to forgive a cheater. “I don’t think ako ‘yung tipo ng tao na pag nag-cheat ‘yung partner ko bibigyan ko pa siya ng pagkakataon. Kasi I know how loyal I can be and how much I can give. Of course, it’s only right that I expect the same thing from my partner. Hindi naman to surpass but at least nakikita mo na nag-e-effort.”

When in a relationship, the first thing she asks from her boyfriend is to never cheat on her, “Mababasag ako. As in mababasag ka talaga ‘pag nangyari ‘yun.”

Giving second chances is a case-to-case basis, though. She believes factors like the gravity of mistake, as well the whys must be looked into. But when it’s all about cheating, Sue will take it as a deal breaker.

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