David & Jill’s annulment

As if cheating wasn’t enough, David (Zanjoe Marudo) proves how unfair he can get by delaying his divorce with Jill (Jodi Sta Maria). He doesn’t seem to run out of tactics to drag out the process, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the trending series The Broken Marriage Vow.

In the first scene, David had the audacity to demand respect from the woman he betrayed after learning about the annulment from the two-faced Sandy (Angeli Bayani). Not that he wants to keep their relationship; otherwise he wouldn’t choose his mistress. He just knows he’s not financially capable to stand on his own. His business is also struggling.

Playing his cards well, he thought of using their son Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) as a weapon. He tries to win his trust, which doesn’t sit well with Jill. There’s a scene where he took Gio out for dinner without asking Jill’s permission. In another, he picked him up from school without warning. Of course, Jill was forced to give in to avoid arguing in front of Gio.

David was indignant when accused of psychological incapacity. He cried foul when Jill claimed ownership of their house, which she said is just right since she paid for it. Now that he’s slowly stripped of everything he thought he had and exposed for his crimes, David feels threatened. But he seems to be hiding the hurt and shame through rage.

He started to lose more control after Lexy (Sue Ramirez) was almost put in danger following a confrontation with Jill. Of course, trying to pivot all the blame at his wife, David ignored the fact that it was Lexy who approached her rival.

Lexy patiently waits at one corner of this mess, still hoping that David gets annulled soon so they can be a happy family. But David would crawl back into Jill and Gio’s lives instead, enflaming her jealousy.

After not showing up at a meeting with their lawyers, David decided that he’s never going to agree with Jill’s terms. “Ayokong makipaghiwalay,” he said, again, due to his financial limitations.

In a scene, Jill was shocked to see David half-naked in the room they previously shared, as if trying to seduce her. He said he took a quick shower after a basketball game with Gio. He insisted that they’re still legally married, so he can do whatever he likes in their home.

It seems David and Jill will never ever see eye-to-eye again. Don’t miss an episode of The Broken Marriage Vow, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.