Kapamilya Confessions: Jane Oineza gives relationship advice

Taking a break from the intense drama in the primetime series The Broken Marriage Vow, Jane Oineza, who plays the role of Diane Riagon, enthusiastically responded to the questions sent in by netizens during her latest appearance in Kapamilya Confessions!

Jane gamely retorted to the netizens’ questions about the series and her role, as well as gave pieces of advice to their relationship woes.

As her character Diane is hired by Jill (Jodi Sta. Maria) to spy on her philandering husband David (Zanjoe Marudo), she revealed that she had experienced spying on other people because she is good in doing research and finding things she’s looking for. Besides, she also got the bitter taste of being cheated on and getting hurt in her past relationships.

As the series tackle adultery, she was asked about her take on cheating, saying, “I think, cheating is a choice. Nasa sa atin naman ‘yon, hindi ‘yan nangyayari nang kusa. Nasa sa atin ‘yan. Pwede nating hindian, pwede nating hindi ituloy, pwedeng hindi mangyari in the first place.”

And if ever it will happen to her, she stated that she would not fight for the relationship anymore and would even push her partner to choose his paramour.

When asked for an advice on how couples could get rid with cheating, she said that if you really love and care for your special someone, you would not get involve with another person. But just in case you’ve found someone new, you should talk to your partner and be honest about it in order to prevent him/her from getting hurt.

Meanwhile, with regards to the signs that your partner is having an affair, she said that for her, it would be when he/she begins to hide things from you, if he/she talks less with you, or if he/she lies to you in order to not commit mistakes. Besides, she implied that women should also listen to their instincts or gut feelings because there’s a huge tendency that it’s true.

She also took us back to the time when she was offered to play Diane, recalling how ecstatic upon receiving the news. “Super excited ako. Isa siya sa mga natuwa rin akong characters na napanood ko sa “Doctor Foster” and sa” The World of the Married” and excited ako kung paano ko siya iibahin.”

Part of her preparations then was to watch “Doctor Foster” and “The World of the Married” in order to get the feel of it and for her to have basis on the series they were about to do. However, she did not finish it to allow herself to put to her own take on her character. She talked to their director Connie Macatuno as well about her vision for Diane and imparted her own experiences to her in order to figure out how they could mesh it to create Diane.

With regards to the lessons that the viewers can learn from the series, she said that it would make us realize the things that we could sacrifice or endure for love, the different kinds of love, and a lot more, so everyone should watch out for it. As to why people are hooked with narratives about illicit affairs and adultery, she said that it’s perhaps we always crave for the gigil that this kind of show gives us.

She also revealed that The Broken Marriage Vow will be different from the original British version and the Korean remake because the creators did a lot of different tweaks and incorporated Pinoy spins on it.

In the almost two months that they were together during their lock-in taping in Baguio City last year, she disclosed how much she enjoyed their company as she has found new family and friends in her co-stars and the whole production team. Making it more memorable to her were the words of wisdom she got that she will surely bring with her as long as she lives.

Since she apparently worked with Jodi most of the time, she also imparted the acting techniques she learned from her. She related, “Natutunan ko ‘yon subtlety, natutunan ko ‘yong pagiging natural ang reaction, natutunan ko na kahit ‘di ka rin nagsasalita nakikita ko kay Ate Jodi na nasa mata lahat.”

And just like Jodi, the 25-year-old actress confessed that she indeed dreamt of becoming a medical student and be a doctor like Dra. Jill Ilustre.

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