Empress expresses admiration for Jodi

As her character Grace is arguably getting on the nerves of some viewers of The Broken Marriage Vow for betraying lead character Jill (Jodi Sta. Maria), Empress Schuck is truly admirable and fun to watch during her guesting in the latest episode of Hotspot on Tuesday, February 8.

Host DJ Jhai Ho commenced their chikahan by reminiscing how their friendship began and asking how her life has been in Zamboanga as a devoted mom to her daughter Athalia and wife to her husband Vino, now that the lock-in taping for the series is already done. It’s indeed an easy decision for her since aside from the fact that her husband works there and her paternal family is based there, she finds living in the province more peaceful than how she used to live in the city. 

The pandemic may have been terrible for all of us, yet she saw it as the best time for her to lie low from showbiz and focus on taking good care of her family for the meantime. Besides, she also admitted being hopeless because of everything that happened in the past two years that took a toll in the entertainment industry. Thus, she was surprised and feel blessed at the same time for the opportunities that came to her amidst the challenging times. 

Veering the conversation to The Broken Marriage Vow, DJ Jhai Ho asked the 28-year-old actress about her character Grace, which she described as the loyal and trustworthy staff of David (Zanjoe Marudo) who had to blindly tolerate his cheating with wife Jill as a way of protecting her daughter’s welfare as a single mom.

When asked what made her excited about the project, Empress said that it would be the project itself and being able to work with a stellar cast ensemble. It may have been difficult for her since it was the first time for her be away from her family for a very long time, but she just prayed and focused on the excitement that she felt for being able to work again.

With regards to her preparations, she revealed reading their lengthy scripts, attending multiple meetings with the creators, and watched the Korean version as a part of studying her character in order for her to give a different spin on it.

The host then asked Empress to describe the main cast members, starting off with Zaijian Jaranilla who she regarded as matured, obedient, and quiet, yet ‘naughty’ and ‘bully’ at the same time. Sue Ramirez for her was “pilya” and “loka-loka,” yet praised her for being versatile, humble, and genuine while Zanjoe Marudo is quiet yet actually fun-to-be-with during their time off work. 

Meanwhile, she wasn’t able to contain her admiration to Jodi Sta. Maria as she imparted how much she adores her for being kind, exceptional, intelligent, calm, and modest. She related looking up to her and being amazed by her everyday because of her achievements as a woman.

Watch this episode to see everything that happened during the fun chikahan of DJ Jhai Ho and Empress! You may also catch her in The Broken Marriage Vow, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, TV5, and iWantTFC.