Bianca recalls unforgettable moments on the set of The Broken Marriage Vow

Her portrayal of Carol Manansala may have received mixed reactions from avid viewers, but for sure, fans indeed enjoyed Bianca Manalo’s appearance in the latest episode of Hotspot on Thursday, March 24, wherein she talked about her stint in the well-loved primetime series The Broken Marriage Vow.

Host DJ Jhai Ho started off their fun chikahan by asking her reaction to the overwhelming support of Kapamilya audiences to the aforementioned family drama. She related how happy she is that a lot of people are really hooked with the drama, as attested by how some have been calling her “Carol”, everytime they see her outside. However, it isn’t new to her anymore since she used to be called by the names of her past characters, such as Bubbles of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Tiffany of On The Wings of Love.

At the same time, she’s also been receiving random messages from netizens, expressing how affected they are of certain scenes from the series and thanking her for being a loyal friend to Jodi Sta. Maria’s character Dra. Jill Ilustre.

When quizzed about the biggest challenge in playing Carol, Bianca imparted that it would be learning how to portray a woman who is sheltered and prim and proper, which is seemingly quite far from who she is in real life. Besides, unlike Carol, she isn’t married yet and has a few siblings, so she had to focus more on studying and internalizing her character.

The 34-year-old beauty queen-actress then went on to confirm her on-screen partner Ketchup Eusebio’s revelation in his recent Hotspot interview that she applied method acting on him during their lock-in taping in order to further deliver a compelling performance. But no matter how tight her grip was to her character, she revealed that there were instances when she wasn’t able to hold her laughter in a serious scene because of Ketchup’s unmistakable sense of humor. She implied how challenging for a bungisngis like her to withstand some of their scenes together as she had to stop herself from giggling to his spontaneous punchlines, random nuances, and being a jokester.

However, even though he sometimes gave her a hard time in concentrating in their scenes, she clarified that Ketchup is not difficult to work with, but rather fun to work with.

Bianca then talked about her trending confrontation scene with Jodi, wherein they were both praised for being able to pull off a calm yet intense altercation. When asked if she collaborated with their directors in doing that scene, she related that she’s the type of actress who simply pours out what she feels in a particular scene and just later on asks the feedback of their directors. She also imparted how she would always rehearse her scenes in front of the mirror in order to see how she appears or if she’s doing it right.

According to her, she did everything she could because she didn’t want to be embarrassed, as well as for the management to not regret choosing her to play Carol.

DJ Jhai Ho then asked her to share a few trivia about some of her co-stars. With regards to Zaijian Jaranilla and Sue Ramirez, she mentioned how in disbelief she is that both of them are now already grown-ups since she still sees them as babies. Albeit, she commended them for their impressive portrayals of their respective characters that successfully veered them away from the past roles they used to play.

When it comes to Zanjoe, she revealed how completely immersed he was to his character, making it impossible for them to talk with him sometimes. While for Jodi, she recalled how absolutely in character she was in the earlier days of their lock-in taping as she refused to talk to her or anyone on the set when they shot the remarkable party scene.

Bianca may have done a great job in portraying Carol and greatly enjoyed it, yet she would want to try playing Sue’s character Lexy, a promising young woman who betrayed her parents for the married man she truly loves.

And if there’s one word that could describe The Broken Marriage Vowit would be “challenge” since her and Carol’s personalities are totally different. Thus, she’s grateful for their production unit, Dreamscape Entertainment.

“Maraming-maraming salamat sa Dreamscape for giving me the role kasi talagang hinone pa ako lalo, hinone pa talaga lalo si Bianca Manalo na talagang kaya ko pa palang pigain ‘yong sarili ko bilang actress,” she uttered.

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