5 times Gabby brought back ‘kilig’ in Jill’s life in The Broken Marriage Vow

Alongside ‘gigil,’ our excitement is rising now that Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) has met a new guy, Gabby (Jake Ejercito), in The Broken Marriage Vow. Although the potential romance faces conflict, we viewers can’t help but ship them. After all, we’re rooting for Jill’s happiness. With that, here’s a Friday 5 feature of scenes showing Jill and Gabby’s ‘kilig’ moments in the trending teleserye.

Their first meeting was as real as it could get – a little awkward but just normal. Hurrying to meet her blind date, Jill hit the side mirror of a car that just parked beside hers. She apologized to the owner, who, much to her surprise, was her date. Jill was formally introduced to the guy, Gabby, a friend of Sandy (Angeli Bayani)’s boyfriend.

The first conversation was subtle yet oozing with chemistry between the two actors. This time, it wasn’t awkward anymore. Gabby picked up a lot about Jill and kept her hopes up. He told her there’s still something new to discover – and love – in Baguio before looking into her eyes.

He volunteered to drive her home since she’s a little drunk. She refused but agreed to ride a cab. Their conversation was already ‘kilig’ on its own but the way Gabby and Jill grabbed the car’s door handle at the same time was a little more electrifying.

When she arrived home, Jill smiled over Gabby’s text message asking her whereabouts. It sparked a quick exchange, ending with Gabby’s “sweet dreams.”

Jill and Gabby are a match beyond their good looks but their big hearts for the community. On a separate dinner date, he mentioned that he belongs in a group of volunteers teaching kids in far-flung areas. He’s assigned to sports. He also invited Jill to join their community works since she’s known for her rural medical services. In the middle of the conversation, Gabby noticed Jill was distracted due to Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) partying that night. He commended her ‘respectful’ approach toward her teenage son. And we couldn’t help but compare him to David (Zanjoe Marudo), who keeps on criticizing Jill as a mother.

The last scene in this video is also set in a bar. Although he came with another girl, Gabby walked up to Jill to greet her. He said fate seems playing tricks on them, “parang pinagtatagpo.” It became a light-hearted chatter, thanks to Gabby’s joke about him being a pretty boy. But on a serious note, he said he only dates pretty girls, subtly admiring Jill’s beauty.

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