5 scenes that paint Jill’s piercing agony as her life completely falls apart in The Broken Marriage Vow

If you were Jill (Jodi Sta Maria), do you think you can handle the agony life would throw at you? To be cheated on by your spouse is already too much of a misery, much more when the world turns its back on you. Life has never been this heavy for Jill. Watch how she struggles to make it through her darkest phase via this Friday 5 video from the teleserye The Broken Marriage Vow.

Jill’s married life turned from blissful to hell. She didn’t only suffer emotional abuse from her manipulative husband David (Zanjoe Marudo) but his physical violence as well. In the first scene, she was ruthlessly beaten up and almost killed by her own husband.

Career-wise, Jill has also suffered too much. She’s many times been ousted from work due to malicious allegations spread by her enemies. The first time was when Diane (Jane Oineza)’s abusive boyfriend Enzo (Joem Bascon) filed charges and spread rumors about her on social media. She said the police report was exaggerated and that she just rescued Diane, her student and patient. But her colleagues Barry (Sandino Martin) and Sandy (Angeli Bayani) didn’t even stand by her.

And the greatest heartbreak of all comes from being a mother. Jill could easily survive her husband’s betrayal but to be abandoned by her son Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) is akin to losing her own life. She tried to chase Gio and convince him to stay yet it seems nothing could ever change his mind. Her actions had only intensified her war with David and completely burned the bridge between her and Gio. There’s a scene where Jill just broke down. And in another, she cried while watching Gio bonding with David’s news family.

If you were in Jill’s shoe, you’d probably wish all the bitter memories would magically disappear. However, it’ll never be easy to forget. And the way your heart keeps on replaying things would only aggravate the pain. Feeling isolated, Jill watched her ring dissolve, as if watching her own life fall apart in front of her.

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