20 times Jill slapped with feisty, truthful dialogues in The Broken Marriage Vow

Dr. Jill (Jodi Sta. Maria) is impossible to forget – so is her divine choice of words. The wise, empowered woman has an amazing ability to tell her emotions in dialogues that will pack a punch. In this Kapamilya Toplist from The Broken Marriage Vow, we rounded up 20 scenes wherein Jill uttered lines that slap like reality.

“Kahit kailan, hindi pwedeng gawing tama ang mali,” she told Dr. Jose (Ronnie Lazaro) when the latter justified teaching under the influence of alcohol. She insisted that rules must be obeyed, setting aside personal relationships and debt of gratitude. Deeply hurt and offended, Jose gave Jill a rundown on all his sacrifices, then declared, “Iikot ang karma.”

The bright woman is so good at giving men savage lectures, especially when it’s about making a stand for the female pack. There’s a scene where he threatened Enzo (Joem Bascon), Diane (Jane Oineza)’s abusive boyfriend, telling him, “Wala kang karapatang manakit ng babae.”

As Enzo tweaks the truth later on, putting Jill in jeopardy, she urges Diane to file charges against the abuser. She clarified that it isn’t for selfish motives but to really save Diane from harm. “Kahit ang pagmamahal may hangganan. Kailangang isipin mo ang sarili mo” was her piece of advice.

She also dropped feisty innuendos about trust and loyalty, at the time when David put on an act despite his obvious games. She said, “Ganun naman sa lahat ng bagay, kailangan ng transparency and honesty,” as they talked about his project with the Luceros. When the conversation went to Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s future plans, torn between taking up medicine and architecture, Jill implied that a man can always have the best of both worlds like what David was doing, “Bakit kailangan mo mamili kung pwede mo naman pagsabayin?”

As a devoted wife for 14 years, it’s no news Jill can offer a nugget of wisdom about love and relationships. We heard a sample during David’s birthday party wherein she’s asked to give a short message. She quickly composed herself after confirming David’s and Lexy (Sue Lucero)’s affair, and low-key stabbed the mistress with her sharp words. “Sabi nila tumatagal ang pagsasama dahil sa tiwala at pagmamahal. Umabot tayo ng labing-apat na taon. Hindi natin alam kung hanggang kailan. Hindi natin sigurado. Pero ito lang ang maipapangako ko, hangga’t kaya ko, hindi ko hahayaan na may sumira sa ating dalawa.”

And when she confronted Sandy (Angeli Bayani) for turning a blind eye to David’s felony, she declared, “Kung mahal niya ako, hindi niya ako sasaktan nang ganito. Tapos na ang panloloko n’yo sa akin. Simula sa araw na to, ako ang magsasabi kung saan, kailan, at paano ko ito tatapusin.” This came after she discovered that even her friends knew about David’s secrets all along.

Proving that she gets the job done, Jill seduced Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio) to gather pieces of evidence about David’s financial infidelity. David’s secrets are worse than she expected, sending her in disbelief. Trying to understand things from a man’s perspective, she asked Charlie, “Bakit naghahanap ka pa ng iba kung meron kang perfect and devoted wife na naghihintay sa’yo?” His response was bold and selfish, “Monogamy is overrated. Hindi ako naniniwala na dapat sa isa ka lang. Kung meron ka namang mga chances sa iba, magkaroon ng iba-iba, why not? Sayang naman ‘di ba?”

She slept with him but made it clear that she’s only doing it in exchange for the information she needed, “Hindi ako gumaganti. Alam mo, Charlie, kaming mga babae, kaya din naming magloko pero hindi namin ginagawa. Dahil alam namin na kailangan ng trust and loyalty para tumagal ang marriage.” She maintained that keeping the family intact is a woman’s priority, so when asked to take their secret meetings into a full-blown affair, Jill replied, “Hindi ko kailangan ng affair, Charlie. Ano na lang ang pinagkaiba ko kay David kung gagawin ko ang mga ginagawa niya.”

Not only does she love her family but Jill also protects her career. And as a doctor, she vowed to nurture life, even that of her husband’s mistress and their child. There’s a scene where Sandy nonchalantly welcomed Lexy’s decision to fly abroad for abortion, thinking it would serve Jill’s interest. However, Jill didn’t let passion erase her morals, saying, “Doktor tayo. Nandito tayo para bumuhay, hindi pumatay.”

Slowly, she’d let people know about her dilemma, including her mother-in-law Marina (Susan Africa), who, much to her surprise, was aware of David’s secret relationship. Marina stressed that women are supposed to endure even their husband’s philandering. Jill may be passionate but not to the point of blind devotion. So when asked to fix the marriage like a wife should do, Jill replied, “Hindi ako ang sumira ng pamilyang ‘to.”

Later on, after the big reveal, Marina still has the guts to blame Jill for adding fuel to the fire. Pushed to her limits, Jill gave her mother-in-law a slap of reality. She asked if Marina also blamed herself when her husband left for another woman. Then she reminded her of all the big sacrifices she made for David and how she’s remained a devoted, hands-on wife while working as a doctor. All these made her wonder, “Sabihin mo sa akin, kulang pa ba? Kasalanan ko pa rin ba?” Marina was left speechless.

Jill travelled to Doc Jose’s place in La Union for an escape. She’s finally with the people who got her back. But even her aunt couldn’t repair, let alone comfort her broken soul. “Minsan nakakapagod na rin lumaban lalo na kung paulit-ulit parang walang katapusan. Sa giyera na ‘to, sa laban ng marriage ko, ako lang ang matitirang lalaban – sugatan, pagtatawanan.” But, this gutless version of Jill turned history after she almost drowned and the waves brought her back to the shore – the turning point in her battle.

Now who wouldn’t love a ‘palaban’ encounter between the legal wife and the mistress like Jill and Lexy’s unexpected meeting at the supermarket? We love it more when the original spouse fires tasteful innuendos at her enemy. In this scene, Lexy thought she’d embarrass Jill by bringing up the latter’s social media scandal. But then again, Jill knows how to conquer the other woman without breaking her composure. She calmly said, “I-a-address ko ang mali lalo na ‘pag apektado ang pamilya ko. Kailangan agapan agad para hindi na umulit. Somebody has to be taught a lesson… Naniniwala ako ‘yung mga walang kwentang bagay tulad ng panloloko sa kapwa will eventually and naturally die down.”

Jill was as poised when she brought David to the Lucero abode to drop a major truth bomb. In that trending dinner scene, she revealed David and Lexy’s relationship to the latter’s parents, Fred (Art Acuña) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro). “Your daughter is sleeping with my husband. Nabuntis ni David ang anak ninyo at pumunta siya ng America para ipa-abort ang bata,” she announced.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jill intensified the revelations by admitting to David that she slept with Charlie in exchange for receipts of his bank transactions. Now she’s taking back the things she’s worked hard for. “Kahit isang kusing sa lahat ng naipon ko, wala kang mahihita. Nalaman ko lahat ng milagrong ginagawa mo sa trust fund at savings natin.”

The video ends with her confrontation with Nathalia, who would rather blame the suffering wife than her daughter. Nathalia said she considers Jill a friend but condemned what she did over dinner. Jill clapped back, “Kung totoo ‘yang sinasabi mo na magkaibigan tayo, hindi mo ba naiisip na napakalaking kasalanan ang ginagawa sa akin ng anak mo? Your daughter deserves it. Siya ang puno’t dulo ng lahat ng ito.” Nathalia would insist that Jill’s actions just made it worse, “You broke their relationship,” talking about Fred disowning Lexy. Making sure she ends the conversation strong, Jill replied, “Your daughter broke my marriage.”

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