15 traits of an empowered woman as seen on Jill’s story in The Broken Marriage Vow

This is Jill’s story – we’re rooting for her and learning empowering life lessons from her.

Whatever season she’s in, wherever she’s planted, one thing is for certain: Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) will thrive, with her head held high. As we all look forward to seeing how her journey ends in The Broken Marriage Vow, Kapamilya Toplist rounded up 15 inspiring scenes of Jill growing amid the storms in her life – an epitome of a strong independent woman. 

She has a big heart for the community. Jill administers medical missions in far-flung areas with the help of her assistant Bani (Jef Gaitan) and student Diane (Jane Oineza). She saves lives during off-duty emergencies and is content to receive just happy smiles or fresh harvests from her patients.

She is a hands-on mom even while working full-time as a doctor and professor. With her loving hands, she cooks for Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla), washes his clothes, prepares his uniform and things every morning, and does a lot of magic that only a dedicated homemaker can make.

She stands up for the female pack. If empowerment means supporting other women, then, Jill is doing it incredibly well. She saved Diane from the abusive Enzo (Joem Bascon) in a scene where she held a knife to his neck. She fears no one. But she’s a good friend to those who show her care and love, especially Carol (Bianca Manalo). She has also forgiven Sandy (Angeli Bayani) for her betrayal. And the three of them promised to support each other on their journeys.

She stops other people from spreading lies and rumors, especially about her family. In a scene, Jill chanced upon her husband’s mistress Lexy (Sue Ramirez) at the grocery. As Lexy insinuated on the rumors about Jill, the latter would demonstrate top-tier patience and dropped fierce innuendos. The lesson, shown by Jill, is not to engage. The same thing happened after Jill heard Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) and Yaya Maggie (Malou Crisologo) discussing her personal life. Jill walked up to the ‘marites’ tandem and frankly countered their lies. 

An empowered woman moves on from a cheater ex-husband. When Lexy arrogantly said David (Zanjoe Marudo) won’t be coming back to his original wife, Jill’s sharp response was, “Hindi ako umaasa at wala akong planong tanggapin siya.” She learned from experience and was certain David will never let go of old habits.

She can survive any kind of betrayal. After getting confined in the hospital due to David’s physical abuse, the last straw to destroy their family, Jill bravely got back on her two feet. She believed she could start fresh even without a husband by her side. She proved her power by getting back on track and back on duty in the hospital – as an annulled, happy woman. 

For Jill, her son Gio is her world. She raises an achiever – as a single mom for the most part. It’s also empowering how she’s a mother figure to her students, preparing them for the medical world. She’s empowered because she helps her students make a difference in the community.

Brick by brick, she built her confidence again. Jill proved that even single moms with a troubled romantic past like her can still look fabulous and start dating again. Thanks to that boldness, she met Gabby (Jake Ejercito), who also showed that Jill is worthy of the respect and love she didn’t get from her ex-husband.

Jill inspired us viewers to believe that we have the power to change our situation, to turn bad chapters into prequels of something more beautiful.

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