15 times Gabby proved he’s the guy Jill deserves in The Broken Marriage Vow

After all the hurt she's been through, Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) truly deserves a man who will make her feel worthy of love and respect. We viewers believe the right guy is Gabby (Jake Ejercito), who stays by her side and understands her situation no matter how many times he’s been sent away.

As we fervently pray the two get their well-deserved happy ending, let’s re-watch their tender moments in The Broken Marriage Vow aka all the times that made us wish “sana sila na lang!” 

They had instant chemistry. You know destiny is at work when two people bump into each other and later on get to be introduced as each other’s blind date. In their conversation, Gabby cheered up the seemingly distressed Jill and told her there’s always something new to discover and love in Baguio.

He is a real gentleman. Since Jill was a little drunk, he volunteered to drive her home after their date. She refused but agreed to ride a cab. Their conversation was already ‘kilig’ on its own but the way Gabby and Jill grabbed the car’s door handle at the same time was a little more electrifying. When she arrived home, she smiled over his text message asking if she has come home safe. It sparked a quick exchange, ending with Gabby’s “sweet dreams.”

They both have big hearts for the community. On a separate dinner date, he mentioned that he belongs to a group of volunteers teaching kids in far-flung areas. He’s assigned to sports. He also invited Jill to join their community works since she’s known for her rural medical services. In the middle of the conversation, Gabby noticed Jill was distracted due to Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) partying that night. He commended her ‘respectful’ approach toward her teenage son. And we couldn’t help but compare him to David (Zanjoe Marudo), who only criticizes Jill as a mother.

He thinks she’s beautiful. Although he came with another female companion in a bar, he walked up to Jill to greet her. They had a light-hearted chatter, thanks to Gabby’s joke about him being a pretty boy. But on a serious note, he said he only dates pretty girls, subtly admiring Jill’s beauty. 

He knows his place. Jill has been straightforward since the beginning, making sure Gabby understands that her priority is to fix her wobbly relationship with Gio. Then, he apologized, believing he added to Jill and Gio’s conflict. To recall, Gio disapproved of Jil and Gabby’s friendship due to David’s wrong influence.

He never took advantage of her vulnerability. When a tipsy Jill called him to join her, Gabby decided to just drive her home. He told her, “Kwentuhan na lang tayo.” And throughout their time together, he was just there to listen.

He was dumped by his ex-girlfriend for ambition. If he knows how it feels to be deserted, chances are he wouldn’t do that to Jill.

He brings her calm and smiles amid chaos. In a scene, Jill confessed, “There’s a sense of peace when you’re around. Kumakalma ako.” But she’s not ready to get into a romantic relationship because of Gio. She would rather take things slow. In turn, Gabby promised to wait until she is ready.

He finally got her son's blessing. Gabby had dinner with Jill, her friends, and Gio. In this scene, the gregarious Sandy (Angeli Bayani) put Gio on the hot seat asking if she approves of Jill and Gabby’s potential romance. Jill felt awkward, knowing deep inside how Gio feels about the topic. But, much to everyone’s surprise, Gio said he’s okay with Jill finding new love as long as Gabby won’t hurt his mom.

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