15 signs you’re blinded by love as seen on Lexy Lucero’s journey in The Broken Marriage Vow

The moment Lexy (Sue Ramirez) sacrificed her decency to get into a relationship with a married man, she became irrational as well. She chalks it up to love. Later on, she’d call it blind devotion – and stupidity. As The Broken Marriage nears its finale, let Lexy’s story somewhat teach us what true love is and what it’s not. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the trending teleserye.

One of the most foolish things she’s done was to believe in David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s promises in the first place, until their illegal relationship got her pregnant. Albeit scared, she’s confident they’re going to start a better life together even if he couldn’t end his marriage with Jill (Jodi Sta Maria).

Lexy acted like she’s the legal wife by asking David to choose her and their baby. Of course, he promised he would. Poor Lexy thought the ultimatum will turn their status from “it’s complicated” to “married” soon. But, bringing her back to reality, Justin (Migs Almendras) showed her a freshly uploaded video of David kissing Jill. Still, she brushed it off.

Her parents’ fury was not enough to let go of David. Her father, Fred (Art Acuña), wanted her to fly to the States, otherwise he’d disown her. But she’d rather lose her parents’ love than lose David.

Renounced by her parents, Lexy sold her properties, even the smallest stuff ust to raise money for David’s bail. We viewers wonder why she couldn’t see the reason behind his detention, which is physical abuse.

Lexy would give up everything, morals included, to keep her relationship with David. When told she might go to jail for getting into a relationship with a married man, Lexy, in full devotion to David, declared, “Makulong na kung makukulong.” Yes, she feels sorry for disobeying her parents. But she will never feel sorry for loving David.

Foolishness can be contagious. Once you go blind with love, you turn deaf as well. And we saw that in Lexy. She wouldn’t listen to anyone’s opinion, not even Yaya Maggie (Malou Crisologo)’s, her confidante. So when Yaya Maggie had hunches about David cheating with Jill, Lexy confidently denied the issue.

Even Fred and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) failed to enlighten her many times over. Not only won’t she listen to their insights, she’d threaten them as well. She said she’s a grown-up woman who can decide for herself. But, isn’t growing up means learning to love oneself and knowing what is right from wrong?

When the warnings came straight from Jill, Lexy’s rose-colored glasses got even more vivid. She said all couples go through something. She’s confident of David’s loyalty, until she got to listen to David’s wedding vows to his ex-wife.

What lessons did you get from Lexy’s journey? Catch The Broken Marriage finale on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.