15 most hated scenes of Gio in The Broken Marriage Vow

Besides the cheaters in the story, there was a time Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) became the focal point of our ‘gigil’ due to his disrespect toward his mother Jill (Jodi Sta Maria). Look back on his dark, rebellious phase via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from The Broken Marriage Vow.

Gio used to be his mom’s best friend. But their relationship turned wobbly when David (Zanjoe Marudo) returned to Baguio to get his revenge. David knew Jill’s weakness, so he used Gio to give her heartaches.

The first clip showed a slight argument between Jill and Gio when the latter drove a motorbike, which was a gift from David and his mistress-turned-legal-wife Lexy (Sue Ramirez).

Slowly, David tucked Gio into his new family to the point of lies and breaking the rules. Gio learned to raise his voice at his own mother. In his eyes, Jill was the bad cop while David was the good one.

Manipulated by his father, Gio hated and abandoned Jill thinking all she ever does is stir conflict. He vowed to never go home to his mom again. He also didn’t believe that David is just trying to get even by stealing him from Jill. In one confrontation scene, he called Jill selfish and accused her of destroying David’s new family.

Jill’s friendship with Gabby (Jake Ejercito) added more conflict. There were rumors on campus that Gio became the varsity team captain thanks to Jill’s special relationship with Gabby, his teacher and coach. Gio turned a deaf ear to Jill’s explanation. He chose to believe in hearsays than his own mother. In this scene, Gio insinuated that he’d rather not want Jill to show up at his games because of her ‘bad’ image. He was bothered about Jill’s image but not that of David, a convicted abuser.

Inevitably, Gio completely abandoned Jill to join David’s new family. There was a scene where he rode David’s car and pushed Jill away despite her pleas. And when Jill tried to approach him after school, he quickly ran away and rode a cab to David’s place.

Gio’s wrong choices and David’s revenge, however, would backfire at them. Lexy kicked Gio out of the house, and David didn’t do anything to save him. In the end, it was still Jill who patiently took care of him.

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