15 heartbreaking scenes of Jill suffering from David’s betrayal in The Broken Marriage Vow

A woman’s true strength shines when she opts to think through a situation instead of giving in to reckless decisions. We felt that kind of empowerment, and heartbreak, watching Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) react to her husband’s betrayal with as much grace as possible. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes that shows Jill trying not to break despite the hurtful truth in The Broken Marriage Vow.

Jill is one of the most trusting women we’ve seen and maybe that’s why her husband David (Zanjoe Marudo) managed to cheat on her for two years without her knowing. But her hunches grew strong days leading to David’s birthday until she finally confirmed her suspicion during the party.

The ‘mistress-reveal’ scene witnessed Jill discovering a secret phone inside David’s car. Although seething with anger, she chose not to completely explode. The pain felt so sharp and paralyzing but after moments of silent crying, Jill held her head up high and went back to the party acting normal.

In moments of isolation, though, Jill allows her tough façade to break. She almost packed up David’s things and ended the relationship. But she couldn’t. All the while David’s hands were on another woman’s skin, Jill held herself and cried.

Jill was a martyr at some point, still taking on his wife duties despite the heavy emotional burden. In a scene, she took care of David, who got so wasted partying with friends. Again, Jill suffered in silence as she gazed at her cheating husband.

Living with a philandering man is already too much of a test but dealing with toxic friends is another challenge. There was a scene where Jill confronted Sandy (Angeli Bayani) for helping David get away with his infidelity.

But instead of getting the sympathy and encouragement she needed, Jill received her best friend’s unfair opinion. She was told not to condemn David but keep the relationship instead for Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s sake. Even if hearing such statements from a traitor was extremely infuriating, Jill’s patience was top-tier. She asked Sandy to keep silent. She doesn’t want David to suspect while she contemplates how to finish the game David and his mistress Lexy (Sue Ramirez) started.

It would also take divine self-control chatting with Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio), David’s conceited best friend who also knew about the affair all along. There was an obvious desire to act furious  yet Jill even managed to thank Charlie for all his help.

As if everything’s going wrong since the heartbreaking discovery, Jill got a surprise visitor in her clinic. It was none other than Lexy who just confirmed her pregnancy. It’s tempting to act violent when you face your husband’s mistress, let alone when you find out she’s carrying your husband’s child. Jill, however, managed to keep her calm in front of Lexy. After all, she is an esteemed doctor and a professor. And she doesn’t want to ruin her reputation by going berserk in a public place. Then again, Jill broke down in tears behind closed doors and as soon as Lexy left.

Then, Jill found out Lexy’s plan to undergo abortion in the United States. It was yet again a test of patience as Sandy shared unsolicited advice about the situation. Jill would soon discover she’s surrounded by more traitors than she thought, including her own mother-in-law.

In a conversation with David’s mom Marina (Susan Africa), Jill was shocked to find out that the affair has been going on for 2 years already. And that she’s the last person to know.

Marina’s advice was very unfair and offensive, and not to mention tolerating David’s crime. She told Jill that women are supposed to fix the cracks in their marriage especially if there’s a child involved. But Jill believes otherwise, saying she’s not supposed to fix something she didn’t destroy.

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