15 gripping scenes of Jill as she uncovers warning signs of David’s betrayal in The Broken Marriage Vow

Red flags sprouted everywhere on the pilot week of The Broken Marriage Vow. And if we were Jill (Jodi Sta Maria), we’d probably turn suspicious and scared as well.  Since we’re all so immersed in Jill’s meaty and enthralling scenes unearthing clues of her husband David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s infidelity, here’s a Kapamilya Toplist from last week’s episodes.

It started with the small details like the lip balm in her husband’s pocket. Jill, a hands-on wife and mother, knows every corner of her man’s psyche. So, it was odd to find that cherry-flavored lip balm in her husband’s pocket for the first time. Her female instinct was suddenly triggered. But then again, it would only take a little ‘lambing’ from David to cancel her suspicion.

Then, she saw a strand of blonde hair on her husband’s coat and it kept her distracted since. Jill would find herself examining the hair of every girl she meets. Mrs. Nathalia Lucero (Rachel Alejandro) came into her clinic, asking for clearance for botox and butt lift procedures, talking about male fantasies and the desire to look young and hot. The woman has blonde hair, too. All these placed her on top of Jill’s mental list of David’s possible mistress.

As if fate is playing with her paranoia, Jill bumped into Grace (Empress Schuck), David’s comebacking secretary. Grace’s blonde hair and her story of how David picked her up after a failed relationship caught Jill’s attention. But later on, she would find Grace making out with another guy in David’s office.

The next thing Jill did was pay more attention to David’s cell phone habit and check out the device when she had a chance. David’s cell phone, however, is clear from any receipt. And she didn’t know if it’s supposed to make her feel relieved or more scared. What she’s sure of is the feeling that something is off.

Here’s the universe giving Jill all the signs to make her more ‘praning.’ She saw David leaving the office early holding a bouquet of flowers and off to somewhere. Hunting for truth, she tailed her husband and felt a little embarrassed when they both arrived at the house of David’s mom, Marina (Susan Africa). Jill even apologized for her thoughts and behavior, until she decided to confirm her suspicion from David himself. She asked him to just be honest. Her husband looked her in the eye and blandly denied having a mistress. He made sweet promises even.

It suddenly got difficult to trust people around her. She almost froze when friend and neighbor Carol (Bianca Manalo) swiped a cherry-flavored balm on her lips. As soon as she came to her senses, Jill asked about the office schedule of Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio), Carol’s husband who happens to work with David. Carol said Charlie pretty much follows David’s schedule, leaving the office early, then meeting with other clients before going home at around 9pm. Jill was convinced somehow. If only she knew friends can be dangerous, too.

The next episode brought us to a party hosted by Nathalia and husband Fred (Art Acuña). Jill kept her guard up and noticed loopholes in David’s stories like when he said he and Nathalia only met once, the latter confirmed they already had many encounters. Now Jill didn’t know what to believe anymore.

She left the crowd to catch some air and compose herself. There, she saw her student Dianne (Jane Oineza) working part-time. Jill opened up to Dianne, who told her that the only way to end her crazy suspicions is to catch David in the act.

Jill thought Dianne could work for her instead – as a spy hunting David’s mistress. The quest began. The competent Dianne gathered clues on her first days in the mission. She tailed David and caught him meeting a mysterious girl in an exclusive villa. Then, giving Jill real-time updates, she’s the one to confirm that David has a secret lover indeed. She witnessed the offenders locking lips.

David’s birthday came. Jill and Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) woke him up with a cake. In the middle of what seemed like a happy family moment, Jill received an update from Dianne, telling her that the owner of the car used by David’s other woman belongs to Nathalia Lucero.

Expect the ‘gigil’ to get more intense as Jilly slowly unravels the bitter truth of her husband and close friends’ betrayal in the next episodes of The Broken Marriage Vow, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.