10 times Lexy turned irrational and blind because of her love for David in The Broken Marriage Vow

They say that no woman would want to be called a mistress. But why can’t Lexy (Sue Ramirez) leave her relationship with David (Zanjoe Marudo)? She says it’s because of love, although illegal no matter how she tries to justify the situation to suit her own fantasies. She’s willing to compromise her morals and act like a martyr in order to keep the affair, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from The Broken Marriage Vow.

The first scene established how weak Lexy is when it comes to David. She’s easily swayed by his sweet promises. She had confidence in his plan to start their new life together, even if he refused to end his marriage with Jill (Jodi Sta Maria). David told her that he’s just waiting for the perfect time. He demanded her complete trust instead, as if he deserves it. Despite the red flags, Lexy became foolish all because she wanted to act like the immaculate girlfriend – meek and willing to wait.

Lexy knew deep inside there’s nothing that would make David leave his legal family, not even the baby in her womb, that’s why she tried to hide her pregnancy. “Ilang beses ka nang nangako sa akin na hihiwalayan mo siya. Pero hanggang ngayon wala pa ring nangyayari. Kaya mo ba siyang iwan para sa atin? Para sa akin?” to which he replied, “Kaya ko, pero hindi pa ngayon.”

Lexy assumed the waiting and hide-and-seek were just temporary. She thought David was terrorized by her ultimatum. Thinking their status will no longer be “it’s complicated” soon, Lexy had rosy dreams about their future. But, bringing her back to reality, Justin (Migs Almendras) showed her a freshly uploaded video of David kissing Jill. “Hanggang kailan ka ba talaga magpapaloko? Kahit mamuti ang mata mo, hinding-hindi iiwanan ni David and pamilya niya para sayo,” he said. However, Lexy didn’t want to listen.

In the next scene, Lexy opened up to Diane (Jane Oineza) about her situation, saying she’s always been right-minded until she loved David. By that time, Lexy chose to feel trapped in the affair. She was willing to be on the sidelines. They made out inside his car, squeezing her in around his work hours. It was supposed to feel like an insult to her dignity as a woman but Lexy was fine with being David’s biggest secret.

She didn’t let go of David even when her parents got furious after learning about the affair. Her father, Fred (Art Acuña), wanted her to fly to the States, otherwise he’d disown her. But she’d rather lose her parents’ love than lose David.

Renounced by her parents, Lexy went as far as to selling her properties to pay for David’s bail, which was for the charges due to physically hurting Jill. She also planned to use the money for their fresh start. Lexy would give up everything, decency included, to keep her relationship with David.

Fred warned that her actions might lead her to legal punishment but she insisted that she’s ready to suffer with David. “Makulong na kung makukulong,” was her foolish response to Fred.

And she even had the courage to approach the legal wife on the cheating husband’s behalf. In that scene, Lexy walked up to Jill to inform her that she and David are leaving. She said David wanted to talk to Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) but he couldn’t due to the restraining order.

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