10 times Gio broke his own mother’s heart by rebelling in The Broken Marriage Vow

Dragged into his parents’ endless fights, Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) experienced angst leading to full-blown rebellion. The worse thing is he’s making his mom suffer for it all while giving his manipulative dad the satisfaction. Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist of scenes showing how Gio ruthlessly abandoned his mother Doc Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) in the trending series The Broken Marriage Vow.

The mother and son previously lived in peace, love, and respect. They had each other and that’s more than enough. But quiet turned into chaos as soon as David (Zanjoe Marudo) returned to Baguio with former mistress now legal wife Lexy (Sue Ramirez) and their baby.

Conflict progressed when David re-entered Gio’s life. He’d take him to dinner without asking permission, resulting in Gio and Jill’s little fights. Jill refused to let Gio reconnect with David, knowing the latter has something up his sleeve.

Slowly, David tucked Gio into his new family to the point of lies and breaking the rules. Gio would accept David’s invites without telling Jill. And when lectured for sneaking out, he’d raise his voice to point out his ire over his parents’ endless tug-of-war. 

Jill has rules. David has none. The former appears as the bad cop, now despised by the son he’s trying to nurture and protect. David’s motive, on the other hand, is to just bring Jill into misery by poisoning Gio’s mind. But the teenage son is blind to this reality. In this scene, he didn’t make a fuss about his billboard photo with David’s family but was notably cold toward his mom.

Jill’s friendship with Gabby (Jake Ejercito) added fuel to the fire. There are rumors on campus that Gio became the varsity team captain thanks to Jill’s special relationship with Gabby, his teacher and coach. Gio turns a deaf ear to Jill’s explanation that Gabby is just a friend. He chose to believe in hearsays than his own mother. In this scene, Gio insinuated that he’d rather not want Jill to show up at his games because of her image. He’s bothered about Jill’s image but not that of David, a convicted abuser.

Inevitably, Gio completely abandoned Jill to join David’s new family. There was a scene where Gio rode David’s car and pushed Jill away despite her pleas. In another, he just let her be pulled out by the village’s security for insisting to talk with him.

When Jill tried to approach him after school, he quickly ran away and rode a cab to David’s place. Alone that night, Jill could only replay scenarios in her head and cry as Gio seems happier with David and Lexy.

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