10 tactics David used to cover up his affair from Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow

They say that men give off signals that they’re cheating, commonly called as the red flags. But, what if the signs are not what you expect from a philandering husband? Take a look at David (Zanjoe Marudo), whose tactic to hide his affair is by covering it up with sweet gestures so his wife Jill (Jodi Sta. Maria) won’t suspect. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up the scenes showing how David makes up for his infidelity in the trending series The Broken Marriage Vow.

The pilot episode witnessed David and Jill’s dynamics as a couple and everything looked perfect. He went home after working out of town for a project, leading to a night of intimacy. It turned out adulterous husbands can be more romantic just because they’re covering up for the guilt.

The next day, he was extra clingy over breakfast. Their son Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) chanced upon a news report about Jill carrying through an emergency situation. David embraced his wife and said he’s proud of her before whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

David can coat his felony with words of flattery. Before Jill left for work, he told her she’s beautiful and teased her again as if he can’t get enough of her. “Bolero,” she said. Well he is. In the next scene, when Jill apologized for her suspicions, he made up stories that will put him in good light – using his mother as part of his alibi. He said he leaves office earlier to visit his mom, Marina (Susa Africa), and didn’t want to bother Jill anymore knowing she’s a busy woman. Then, he promised to love no one else but her until his last breath. 

It was also hard to tell if David is cheating because he puts in effort to make Jill feel special and cared for. Little acts like helping her slip on her jacket and putting food on her plate will definitely show how important she is. The truth is he’s just guilty.

They also say that to know if a man has a side chick, go ask him straight up. Chances are he would struggle to look you in the eye. Watching David, however, we realize cheaters are so good at drama they can pull off the most satisfying eye contact while denying the affair. That’s what David did in another scene. He gazed into Jill’s eyes and said there’s only one woman he loves, and that’s her.  

As the story progressed, David didn’t know Jill already had his secret relationship investigated. That’s why she struggled to act sweet since his birthday celebration. Gio came inside their room bringing a cake he helped Jill prepare. When Gio accidentally dropped the cake, David showed remorse and showered Jill with kisses and ‘I love you’.

But arguably the most hypocritical thing David did to keep his dirty secret is to say sweet things about Jill – in front of his mistress. We end this montage with the birthday party scene wherein Jill discovered a phone hidden inside the compartment of David’s car, as per Diane (Jane Oineza)’s tip. 

Jill went back to the party and acted normal. Then, David delivered a message that sounded like a marriage vow, so romantic no one, except the traitors around Jill, would suspect he’s having an affair. He thanked his wife for all she’s given him and promised to love her until his last breath, while his other woman, Lexy (Sue Ramirez), listened in silence.

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