10 scenes that revealed Charlie’s intentions toward Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow

Too many rules are getting broken but Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio) wouldn’t mind as long as he’s getting away with it and at the same time satisfies his fantasies about Jill (Jodi Sta Maria). In this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the trending series The Broken Marriage Vow, you’ll find Charlie low-key adoring his neighbor’s wife. 

Charlie’s sweet talk towards Jill is not too hard to decipher. It all translates to his secret but strong feelings for her, which is a major offense because he’s a married man as well.

But whether or not his wife Carol (Bianca Manalo) is around, Charlie will work hard to flirt with Jill by flattery. He never runs out of nice things to say about her. In a scene, he complimented her amazing ability to juggle her career and duties at home, and still have time to maintain her beauty. In another, he praised her kare-kare dish and said he envies David (Zanjoe Marudo) for having her as spouse, as if he forgot that Carol was just beside him.

On the day of David’s party, Charlie walked up to Jill and showered her with praises, calling her “pretty” right in front of his own wife. Then he called her “perfect wife” the next morning while helping her put David’s things in the car. Jill later admits that she knew Charlie’s feelings for her all along.

So by the time she cottoned on to the fact that David is having an affair and hiding his bank transactions, Jill took advantage of Charlie’s ‘thirst’ in order to collect evidence. She invited him for dinner, knowing it will take a little seduction on her part.

They dined out in a hotel-restaurant. Charlie couldn’t help but admire Jill’s beauty. Although he worked hard to squash her queries and suspicions, it was impossible not to give in especially when she agreed to sleep with him.

Charlie will break the bro code for Jill, spilling David’s financial infidelity. As the accountant, he offered to provide more evidence should Jill decide to file a case. He even volunteered to testify for her. Jill, however, knew he wanted something in return. So he rejected his offer that equates to taking their one-night stand to a full-blown affair.

“Pwede naman ulit kita tulungan, eh. I’m willing and I can be of service to you if you want,” he told Jill, who simply rolled her eyes and hinted at telling Carol the truth.

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