10 feisty verbal sparring of Jill and Lexy in The Broken Marriage Vow

Neither the scorned ex-wife nor the shameless ex-mistress would want to raise the white flag in The Broken Marriage Vow, paving the way for intense, utterly delicious verbal sparring. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up 10 of the most standout showdowns thus far between Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) and Lexy (Sue Ramirez) in the trending primetime series.

Atypical of teleserye confrontations, Jill and Lexy’s encounters are tamed on the physical – but oozing with verbal venom. The video opens with the party scene wherein Jill finally identified David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s paramour. The exchange was short but definitely tension-filled because deep inside they knew who’s guilty of something. Lexy picked up David’s wedding ring that slipped off his finger. Jill, waking up from a horrible fantasy of stabbing the mistress, politely took the ring back from Lexy and said she’s keeping it before someone else does.

Their confrontations are never messy but regal and smart. They hurt each other with feisty innuendos like when Lexy went to Jill’s clinic for prenatal consultation. She said her married boyfriend is about to end his troubled relationship with the legal wife. Of course, Jill knew the guy in the story but didn't react. 

Same thing happens during their grocery runs. One time, their topic was saving one’s dignity amid rumors. Lexy volunteered to save Jill from controversies surrounding her on social media, then, shared an unsolicited advice. Albeit triggered, Jill is not one to speak rubbish. Instead, calm and unbothered, she left with parting words about watching the guilty get inevitably burned. 

Jill revealed David and Lexy’s relationship to the latter’s parents, Fred (Art Acuña) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro). She has this innate ability to elicit fear without speaking loudly. She started the show asking about Lexy’s work, yoga studio, and love life, leading to the much-anticipated reveal. Jill let the Luceros know that their beloved Lexy slept with David, got pregnant, and went abroad for abortion. In that episode, Jill seethed with anger as she poured pent-up bitterness on the traitors. Enough with the undertones, she stripped off the filters and called Lexy ‘kabit.’

Another scene portrayed Jill’s sarcastic reaction to Lexy’s claims that she’s David’s saving grace. She laughed at the other woman believing David’s old promises, saying she’s also heard a lot of them before and certain that once a cheater, always a cheater. So when Lexy walked up to her to say goodbye on David’s behalf, she couldn’t care less.

Lexy thought tables turned when she successfully stole the man. At their housewarming party, she boldly acknowledged Jill and her date Gabby (Jake Ejercito)’s presence. The final scene portrayed how Lexy’s audacity only brings her embarrassment. She organized a pizza party for Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)’s but only to be reminded to mind her own kid.

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