Broken Marriage Vow Pilot Week Review

The long wait was definitely over as we’re finally able to watch the first five episodes of the highly anticipated Filipino remake of the global hit series “Doctor Foster” – The Broken Marriage Vow! And just on its pilot week, it has already reaped rave feedbacks from netizens who instantly got fascinated by everything it showcased – from the location, set design, and wardrobe, up to the compelling performances of the actors.


The promising pilot week

On the first episode, we’re given a glimpse of how indeed a picture of an ideal family the Ilustre family is. Dra. Jill Ilustre (Jodi Sta. Maria) still manages to be a dutiful homemaker to her loving husband David (Zanjoe Marudo) and their beloved unic hijo Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla), despite also having to attend to her patients and other administrative matters in the hospital, help the less privileged who can’t afford to undergo medical treatment, and teach and be the associate dean at a medical school.



But her trust to David suddenly got marred when she discovered a lip balm from one of the clothes he wore, then a strand of blonde hair on the scarf that he used during his business trip to Cebu, which made her start to doubt that he is having an affair. Her suspicion grew when his assistant Grace (Empress Schuck) revealed that she was with him during the trip and their office closes at 4PM, since he didn’t tell her about it and he’s been going home at night. Thus, she tried to check his phone to find any evidence to no avail.



She then tailed David upon catching him holding a bouquet of flowers as he left the building where she also came from, only to arrive at the house of her in-laws. She bonded with his family and even apologized to him for suspecting that he’s going elsewhere after work. Just when she’s already relieved, his brother Migs (Brent Manalo) told her that it was only the first time he’d visited them after a long time. Thus, she confronted him upon arriving home that night, to which he retorted that he could never do it to her and their son because he loves them so much.

Jill told her friends Dra. Sandy Alipio (Angeli Bayani) and Carol (Bianca Manalo) about her suspicions, but all that they could offer her was consolation. It was her student Diane (Jane Oineza) who gave her the courageous advice for her to discreetly spy on her husband in order for her to finally uncover the truth. This happened after they attended the party hosted by one of her patients Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro), who disclosed that she and David had already met a lot of times at the gym they both frequent. 



Convinced that it’s seemingly the right thing to do, she decided to hire Diane to be her spy, in exchange of giving her the prescription for the sleeping pills she’s been asking her, as well as money for her not to work anymore. Diane accepted it and immediately set off to her mission that afternoon. She began to tail him as soon as he went out of his office and arrived at a private townhouse where she caught him getting inside one of the houses, then kissing the unknown woman as soon as they went out.

That update really horrified Jill, which just came from an intense and stressful meeting with her fellow doctors regarding the case of one of their seniors Dr. Jose Alindayo (Ronnie Lazaro), who used to help her get to where she is at present. She had an emotional breakdown afterwards, but immediately collected herself and asked Diane to search for the owner of the car that David’s alleged paramour used.



Thus, she grew cold towards him and not even responding to his amorous gestures as soon as they woke up the next morning. But what made her more appalled was when Dianne called and told her that the owner of the car was Nathalia Lucero.


Rave feedbacks from netizens

Either we had seen the original and/or the Korean adaptation The World of the Married that was broadcast on Kapamilya Channel in 2020, the netizens expressed how The Broken Marriage Vow could be at par, or even compete, with international series we have seen!

First and foremost, they commended the compelling performances of the actors, who are able to immediately got us hooked with their characters and the narrative that despite being familiar we still find exciting and outstanding because of how they’re able to put their own twist and Filipino touch to it. Some of the netizens reiterated how the role of Jill Ilustre is absolutely made for Jodi Sta. Maria, while others couldn’t contain their annoyance towards David as Zanjoe was able to portray him so well.

The same goes for the rest of the ensemble cast who immediately enthralled us with their amazing depiction of their respective characters. Viewers, at the same time, also didn’t forget to laud the cinematography, set design, choice of location, and costume design, which they all find absolutely stunning and refreshing.  

Its directors Connie Macatuno and Andoy Ranay, as well as its writers Bridgette Rebuca, Jayson Mondragon, and Jameela Sunga all indeed did great jobs in amazingly piecing together this thrilling narrative.

Check out some of the positive comments published by the netizens on Twitter below:


With its promising pilot week and the upcoming intense and exciting scenes were going to see in the coming days and weeks, for sure, many are indeed looking forward to see the next episodes. Watch The Broken Marriage Vow, weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Kapamilya Online Live, Kapamilya Channel, iWantTFC, A2Z Channel 11, and TV5. You may watch episode highlights on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official website and YouTube channel.