The Broken Marriage Vow Pasabog Reveal

Describing the recent episodes of The Broken Marriage Vow as “intense” and “scorching” could be an understatement, as those indeed brought us to the edge of our seats and made our hearts race! And the trending latest episode tagged #TBMVPasabogReveal aired on Monday, March 7, is the most climactic to date!

Things arguably started to get more thrilling when Jill, compellingly portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria, finally caught her husband David (Zanjoe Marudo) passionately kissing her paramour Lexy (Sue Ramirez) inside a car, without them knowing it. That absolutely hurt her so much, prompting her to run away to La Union to visit Dr. Jose Alindayo (Ronnie Lazaro), who serves as her mentor and father figure as well as to take a breather and ponder on the next step that she would take after the heartbreaking discovery.



However, instead of simply accepting David’s infidelity and calling it quits with her, Jill made sure to make her husband and his lover pay for what they did to her, which we all witnessed in the #TBMVPasabogReveal episode. Indeed, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.



The episode followed Jill’s vengeful scheme to expose David’s illicit affair with Lexy in the presence of the latter’s parents Fred (Art Acuña) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro). She started off by telling David that they would go on a dinner date as soon as he arrived home that night, without him knowing that they’re headed to the Luceros. At the same time, the couple was equally surprised with their unannounced visit, yet still welcomed them at their luxurious new home. David tried to stop Jill and asked her for them to leave, but Nathalia and Fred insisted to go on with the spontaneous dinner.

The Lucero couple gave them a quick tour inside their mansion, with Fred even showing them the ceramic sculpture Lexy had given him as a Father’s Day gift when they were still based in Australia. Right after Fred left them in the hallway, Jill purposely shattered it, much to the horror of David and Lexy, who immediately went out of her room upon hearing the crash.



As they all sat around the dinner table, Jill attempted to break the ice by asking Lexy questions – from her jobs as the marketing head of their family’s real-estate business and as the owner of a yoga center at the same time, up to her love life. Although she was able to respond to Jill’s first question, Lexy later on found herself in hot water on the second one and refused to answer it. 



Thus, Jill simply opened up about her marital woes because of David’s infidelity, which the Luceros found awkward. David and Lexy tried to stop her from further speaking, but Jill was truly unstoppable and fiery that night. The tension among the three of them obviously shocked Nathalia and Fred, especially when Jill blurted out, “Your daughter is sleeping with my husband. Nabuntis ni David ang anak ninyo at pumunta siya ng Amerika para ipa-abort ang bata.”

That infuriated Lexy, prompting her to stand up and hit Jill powerfully on the head as she walked off the room. The latter gracefully stood and exited the house, while David was tackled by a furious Fred, who was also reprimanding his unica hija for having an affair with a married man.



The remarkable execution of Jodi’s now-iconic triumphant walk out was indeed lauded by the viewers, with the official hashtag #TBMVPasabogReveal making it to the #3 and #20 top trends on Twitter in the Philippines. Aside from that, they also commended the cinematography, music scoring, and direction of the climactic dinner scene.




Many of us may have already seen the original version, “Doctor Foster,” and the Korean adaptation, “The World of the Married Couple”, but the netizens were still in awe of The Broken Marriage Vow because of the compelling performances of the actors and the stunning production design that some of them couldn’t help but compare it to its foreign counterparts. Here are some of their rave and witty comments that they posted on Twitter!