Poll: TBMV most ‘gigil’ character

The Broken Marriage Vow has all the exciting ingredients that make for an addicting teleserye. One of which is the set of characters that gets our blood boiling. Who is the most ‘nakakagigil’ one for you? Take your pick in this poll!

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To help you make up your mind, check out these scenes that highlight the characters’ most infuriating moments on the show!


Jill (Jodi Sta Maria)

Nakakagigil because she allows herself be trapped in the past. She’s supposed to be our heroine, yes, but there are days when her attempt to get the upperhand leads to a very frustrating behavior. Don’t you think it would be better if she just move forward with her son Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) than waste time and energy stalking and taking revenge on her rotten ex-husband?


David (Zanjoe Marudo)

Nakakagigil. Period. We haven’t even forgiven him yet for his infidelity and physical abuse, but here he is, resurrected after two years, jeopardizing his own victim. How can we not hate this arrogant and manipulative adulterer with no conscience? 


Lexy (Sue Ramirez)

Nakakagigil because – how else can we put it? – she’s the mistress. She wrecked a once happy family to come up with her own. She caused another woman and an innocent son’s misery in exchange for her own happiness. 


Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla)

How can this kid witness his father’s abuse and affair yet still choose his side over that of his mother in the end? Insensitive, selfish, and nakakagigil!


Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro)

Here’s a mother who tolerates her daughter’s wrongdoings. She even told Lexy and David, at the height of the betrayal, that she’s rooting for them; and even blamed the legal wife for disclosing the affair. Nakakagigil.


Sandy (Angeli Bayani) 

Nakakagigil because she’s a snake who pretends to be a concerned friend, co-worker, and human. How many times did she enable David’s felony? And when caught in her lies, ‘sis’ doesn’t show even a bit of remorse.


Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio)

Birds of the same feather flock together. It’s no surprise Charlie is also a cheater like David. Remember his conceited thoughts about monogamy being overrated? Nakakagigil. Ungrateful men who can’t be contented with a devoted wife should be punished.


Gabby (Jake Ejercito)

While we want Jill to meet someone who could put her ex-husband to shame, don’t you think Gabby (Jake Ejercito) came at the wrong time? And the way he adds fuel to Jill and Gio’s troubled reationship just by being there — isn’t it nakakagigil?

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