Broken Marriage Vow: Lessons from Jill

Betrayed by her adulterous husband, and friends even, Dr. Jill (Jodi Sta Maria) battled through agonizing days and nights trying to restore all that had been broken – first, her marriage, then, herself. But going through the breaking and healing process, the brave woman imparts a message that even the deepest of sufferings can be worth it because of the lessons that shape us into better versions of ourselves.

This Holy Week 2022, look back on the scenes showing Jill’s inspiring rebirth from all her terrible experiences in the Kapamilya series,  The Broken Marriage Vow.

Jill’s story is a reminder that once you surpass the period of pain, anguish, and brokenness, you become stronger, a survivor. With the greatest of suffering also comes the deepest of joys. Here’s the scene of Jill starting a new life with Gio, two years after her devastating separation with David. Now a single woman, Jill continues her career as a professor and doctor. We also witnessed her renewed friendship with neighbors Carol (Bianca Manalo) and Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio). Meanwhile, Diane (Jane Oineza) is close to finishing her degree.

Looking back, we witnessed how Jill developed wisdom amid her struggles. Even though she sought for quick fixes at some point, she also took the time to reflect on her experiences. She went to Doc Jose (Ronnie Lazaro)’s place in La Union to calm her raging emotions. In those moments, as Doc Jose and Amy (Olive Cruz) offered her pieces of advice, it was clear how pain allowed Jill to learn what’s important through the wisdom of people close to her.

Her soul searching blossomed into beautiful, admirable resilience. There was a scene where Jill attempted to commit suicide by drowning herself into the sea but the crashing waves brought her back to the shore. Kissed by the waters, she realized, “Nagpalamon ako sa alon pero binalik ako dito, lumaban at patuloy na lalaban.”

We commend Jill for not letting the stab wounds define her. She didn’t allow bitterness to turn her heart evil. Instead, she kept the right attitude, showing compassion even to her enemies, David (Zanjoe Marudo) and his mistress Lexy (Sue Ramirez). She was concerned for the latter’s baby.

Also thanks to her struggles that resulted in bigger compassion, Jill remained loving and forgiving to her son, Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla), who turned his back on her at one point.

Hardships produce perseverance. In the aftermath of her revelation about David and Lexy’s affair, Jill braved through a fresh start with Gio. Now she’s alone but definitely capable. In the scene below, she promised Gio that they would manage to adapt to the changes. She also looked for a new job. Even though blocked in one company due to the Lucero family’s connections, Jill didn’t stop searching until she found help from her patient Ben (Lao Rodriguez).

After all, what her enemy intended for evil (David’s abuse), she managed to use for her victory.  

We all go through rough days, trying to put on a smile and fighting even when things go horribly wrong. But as seen on Jill’s character, there is still hope no matter how heavy the heart feels right now. Even if the world tried to convince her that she’s a failure and weak, she chose to nurture the hope in her heart and believe that better days are coming.

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