Distinct Filipino customs, characteristics that shine in The Broken Marriage Vow

Although the focal point is the infidelity that changed the course of Doc Jill (Jodi Sta Maria)’s seemingly perfect family life, The Broken Marriage Vow subtly embraces Filipino values and culture infused in the scenes, aesthetics, and character motivation. After all, it’s the Pinoy flavor that makes it stand above the rest of foreign adaptations.

Here are some distinct Filipino traits and characteristics depicted in the trending teleserye that we can reflect on this Holy Week 2022.

Strong family ties

Motivated by our love for the family, we Filipinos cling to extended family structure. This tight kinship is manifested in Jill and David (Zanjoe Marudo)’s setup wherein the latter continued to support his relatives even after marriage. In the scene below, Jill and David invited the latter’s relatives to stay in their house while Nanay Marina (Susan Africa) recovers from a stroke. It also captured how we value togetherness and how we turn family mealtime into a fun feast.

Respect for elders

The way we treasure our elders is one of the most distinctive features of our culture, which we uniquely express through gestures like “pagmamano.” Add to that the use of catchphrases “po” and “opo” that we carry since childhood.

Helpfulness and bayanihan

We Filipinos take pride in our sense of communal unity, of helping one another without expecting anything in return. Carol (Bianca Manalo) brandished this trait when she volunteered to help her neighbor Jill manage the household and look after Gio (Zaijian Jaranilla) while Jill was still recovering from hospitalization.    

This Pinoy custom was also shown in the first episode that established Jill’s big heart for the people, wherein she didn’t hesitate to save the life of a woman who met a vehicular accident.


One custom foreign countries admire about Pinoys is the sense of hospitality. We are known for treating guests with warmth, cordiality, and kindness. When visitors come over, we make sure to offer the best food and even serve them with a grand feast, depicted in the scene where Fred (Art Acuña) and Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) welcomed Jill and David into their home.


This Pinoy attribute is undeniably exceptional. It is said that we Filipinos are naturally able to pick ourselves up in the face of disaster and challenges. Jill manifested this characteristic in so many ways – from that turning point by the beach to leaving a toxic relationship and still rising above these trials even more hopeful and stronger.

Cultural continuity

The series promotes our own culture through urban aesthetics such as in the costume design featuring pieces made by local artisans from clothes to accessories.

Even though we move forward along the changing times, these Filipino traits and culture will live on, not only making us proud of our roots but giving us hope and inspiration.

Catch more of these unique Pinoy characteristics in The Broken Marriage Vow, aired weeknights, on  Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.