Holy Week 2022 The Broken Marriage Vow

Nobody wants to experience betrayals, but these most vulnerable moments are when we realize the people that truly matter and our own strength to keep going on.

Regardless, people must realize how ruinous betrayals can be to a person’s life. Here are eight betrayals in The Broken Marriage Vow that shocked both characters and viewers to their core. 

When Jill confirms David and Lexy's relationship

After several days suspecting that her husband David (Zanjoe Marudo) is cheating on her, Jill (Jodi Sta. Maria) finally decided to investigate further and rummaged for clues in his car. There, she found a hidden cellphone confirming that David has been engaging in an affair. However, she was in a whole new world of shock after finding out that the mistress was not Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro) as she guessed, but rather Nathalia’s daughter, Lexy (Sue Ramirez).

When all of Jill’s friends kept the affair behind her back

As Jill browsed through David’s secret cellphone, she found out it wasn’t just her husband who’s been betraying her. Photos and text messages revealed that her friends and colleagues Grace (Empress Schuck), Charlie (Ketchup Eusebio), Carol (Bianca Manalo), and Dr. Sandy (Angeli Bayani) have all known about the affair and have been helping David cover everything up.  

When Jill confronted Sandy

Torn by all the secrets, Jill went home. Sandy thought of paying her “friend” a visit. Despite Jill not wanting to face her, she took the opportunity to unmask Sandy for the traitor she is. Turns out, the co-worker she called her own “sis” had been keeping the illegal relationship a secret for years.

When Jill almost catches David and Lexy together

Jill still hasn’t acted on David’s cheating and proceeded with her life normally.  While having a regular family day watching their son Gio’s (Zaijian Jaranilla) school basketball game, Lexy joined as a guest of honor for the event. It appears David has still been continuing with his traitorous affair given his side-eye looks to Lexy and attempt to sneak around and meet her. 

When Jill catches David and Lexy in the act

Jill guilts Grace, David’s assistant, into getting more information about his affair. This led her to see it happen right in front of her. She found David and Lexy together in a car passionately making out, oblivious that they have been caught.

When David still doesn’t confess to Jill

Finally tired of all the lying and cheating, Jill has had enough. She decided to give David a second chance to confess and asked him directly if he is having an affair, yet he continued to lie, which broke Jill’s heart completely. 

When Jill’s uses Charlie to her advantage

Jill has been crafting a way to take revenge on those who wronged her. Charlie, who had been pining for Jill’s affection, was both a target and pawn in her plan as he was a key to unveiling all the skeletons in David’s closet. She lured him to bed, right where she wanted him — behind the back of Charlie’s wife, Carol.

When David chooses Lexy over Jill

After Jill exposes David and Lexy’s affair in front of Lexy’s parents, Lexy was banished from her home. She encountered David and Jill outside where David found out Lexy is pregnant with his child. Faced with a decision of choosing between his wife of 14 years and a mistress bearing his child, David went with Lexy. 

In the face of these betrayals, how would you react? Or if you were on the other end, what would you do? Take the time this Holy Week to reflect and repent.