Kim Nemenzo’s long, winding, and victorious journey to the TNT Huling Tapatan
Kim Nemenzo s long winding and victorious journey to the TNT Huling Tapatan 1

Just like other performers we know, Kim Nemenzo started out young. When she was still a kid, her parents diligently trained her, with her mom teaching her the lyrics and the tunes, while her dad instructing her on the proper techniques she should use and the accurate emotions she should exude everytime she sings.

She was only four years old when she first performed in front of a crowd, and recalled amusing everyone with her cover of the theme song of the hit 90’s Mexicanovela Maria Mercedes. Since then, she, along with her cousins and grandma, had been going home with groceries and rice she won from the amateur singing contests she joined.

Despite being a Mass Communication graduate, she decided to pursue her career as an events singer, host, and stand-up comedienne. Her mom may not be around anymore, but the inspiration and valuable lessons she instilled to her propelled her to continue fighting for her dreams with her dad.

Let’s revisit how her Tawag ng Tanghalan journey has been through this feature.

Daily Rounds

Day 1

The moment she stepped on the It’s Showtime stage on the 19th of January, 2019, the pride of Negros Occidental was able to capture our hearts on the spot through her rendition of Adele’s “Someone Like You”, that we’ll surely never, ever forget.

That winning performance became her ticket towards continuing her flight in the competition as she was hailed as the daily winner. As she faced two-time defending champion then Raymundo Alvarez, she picked the Regine Velasquez hit “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” as her piece, while he rendered Daryl Ong’s cover of “Ikaw Na Nga”.

In the end, she was able to snatch the golden microphone from him after garnering the higher score of 94.2% that defeated his 92.6%.
Day 2

On the second day, Eric Cagadas was able to defeat Armando Mandapat and Reynante Buyan during the second round and was given the chance to break Kim’s reign on the Seat of Power. He grabbed it by singing the old Christmas hymn “Mary, Did You Know?”, while she defended her title through her soulful rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”. 

Day 3


On her third day as the defending champion, she came face-to-face with, arguably, one of her toughest challengers – Shaina Mae Allaga. The “Teen-tastic Tinig of Zamboanga del Sur” thrilled everyone with her mellifluous vocals in singing Calum Scott’s “You Are The Reason” that also received a standing ovation from the judges.

Thus, there’s no wonder why the aspiring young diva got the higher grade of 95.6%, while her soul-crushing version of Madonna’s “Papa don’t Preach” only got 94.4%.

Instant Resbak

Just when she thought that her loss in the Daily Rounds was already the end of Tawag ng Tanghalan journey, hurado Louie Ocampo saved her by waving his ‘instant resbak flag’ to give her a chance to prove herself further in the competition.

Round 1

As she returned to the It’s Showtime stage after eight months, she immediately ascertained that she would not put into waste the trust and opportunity given to her by judge Louie as she pierced our hearts via Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again”. This enabled her to kick Ferlyn Suela out of the contention and take her spot.


Round 2

For the second round, her showdown with fellow Visayas bet May Shine Patag was indeed scorching as they both enthralled us with their numbers. But in the end, it was still the latter’s emotive take on the Celine Dion hit “To Love You More” that the public and the jurors favored more as it received 98.65% while her “Broken Vow” performance only scored 97%. 


Ultimate Resbak

As she once again confronted another defeat, it seemed that the universe was able to hear her and the other eliminated semi-finalists and resbakers’ prayers as the program gave them another glimmer of hope of reaching the grand finals via the “Ultimate Resbak”.

With judges Dulce, Karla Estrada, and Billy Crawford not being able to use their “instant resbak” flags throughout the Daily Rounds, they were given the opportunity to select two contenders each to proceed to another round of resbak. And Kim was one of the two contenders who hurado Dulce chose.

Day 1 - Round 1

On the first phase of the first day of the Ultimate Resbak, she was pitted against Adelle Nicole Yu, who was saved by Judge Karla. She was able to eliminate Adelle Nicole, who sang the OPM classic “Sana Maulit Muli”, from the competition through her soulful interpretation of Adele’s “All I Ask”. 

Day 1 - Round 2

She then bravely attempted to steal the Seat of Power from madlang people’s choice Windimie Yntong by singing Lauren Daigle’s “You Say”, which unbelievably beat the latter’s sultry take on Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”. Garnering the higher score of 98%, she was able to dethrone her.
Day 2 - Round 2

On her second day in the Seat of Power, she was challenged by Jophil Cece, who she actually chose to go head-to-head with fellow resbaker Annabel Dulatre. He picked The Beatles’ “The Long And Winding Road” as his piece that could hopefully win against Kim’s emotive version of “Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak”. But it was him who got eliminated after only receiving 77.64%, while she raked in 84.50%.

Day 3 - Round 2

Unflustered on the Seat of Power for three consecutive days, her bet for Round 1 of that day’s contention – Girlie Las Piñas – dared her by showcasing her unique render of Donna Summer’s “MacArthur Park”. However, the jurors were apparently more impressed by her performance of Regine Velasquez’s “Sa Piling Mo” for she earned 86% while Girlie only got 70.54%. 
Day 6 – Round 2

After three days, Kim found herself again attesting how she deserved to be on the Seat of Power through her intense showdown with fellow belter Ferlyn Suela, who she selected to compete on the first round against John Mark Digamon. She went for Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This”, while the challenger belted out Dessa’s “Lipad ng Pangarap”.


Unfortunately, that didn’t go as how she wanted it for Ferlyn was able to unseat her after garnering the higher average of 90.12% versus her 75%.


Final Resbak

However, her journey still didn’t conclude there as the program added another – and the very last – phase, dubbed Final Resbak, which opened one more slot for the Grand Finals. Raking in the highest percentage of public votes, Kim was returned to the Final Seat of Power.

Day 1

This incredible feat made her really emotional as she confessed being already in the process of removing the competition in her system when the opportunity of going back to TNT knocked on her, and how she actually loathe having the power to choose who among her fellow resbakers she wanted to pit against each other. 
 Yet, she still went with the flow and picked Lea Magsayo, John Andrew Manzano, and John Mark Digamon for the Round 1. It was John Andrew who dominated and proceeded on trying to dethrone her by serenading us with Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”.

But it was her performance of Beyonce’s “Dangerously In Love” that captivated the spectators and the judges, gaining her 99.8% while he only earned 50.26%. 

Day 2

On the second day, Eric Cagadas was able to defeat Armando Mandapat and Reynante Buyan during the second round and was given the chance to break Kim’s reign on the Seat of Power. He grabbed it by singing the old Christmas hymn “Mary, Did You Know?”, while she defended her title through her soulful rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”. 

And she succeeded for she received 99.10% while Eric only got 50.07%. 

Day 3

The only thorn among the roses, Dior Lawrence Bronia was able to kick co-contenders Lea Jessica Alarcon and Orfeshaine Quiñones out of the running and advanced to the second level, wherein he had a face-off with the mighty Negros Occidental bet.



However, his version of “I’d Rather Go Blind” didn’t succeed to beat her powerful “What About Us” number. He received 56.79%, while she earned (97.7%).

Day 4

Kim once again found herself pitted versus Girlie Las Piñas, when the latter defeated Ferlyn Suela and May Shine Patag in the first round. It was indeed a tough fight but she managed to keep the Seat of Power to herself by swooning us with her version of the Elvis Presley hit “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. 

That fascinating number brought her 87%, while Girlie’s “What I Did For Love” only got 66.3%.

Day 5

For the second time, Jophil Cece attempted to oust Kim from the contention after he was hailed as the winner in his clash with Windimie Yntong and Gerlyn Abaño in the first round. He chose Heatwave’s “Always and Forever” as his piece, while she went for Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt”.

But in the end, he got his heart broken again by Kim after she snagged the larger score of 87% that beat his 73.57%.

Day 6

Up to the very last day of the Final Resbak, the pride of Negros Occidental was able to protect her spot on the Seat of Power from her last, but definitely not the least, challenger, Audrey Malaiba, who bested Adelle Nicole Yu, Emarjhun de Guzman, and Annabel Dulatre on the first phase.

Huling Tapatan

Just when the grand finalists thought that all of them will be heading to the Live Finale happening on September 28, they were slated to another week of showcasing their pangmalakasang tinig through a series of showdowns that would determine the Top 6 who are going to proceed to the final face-off.

Stirring us with her performance of her chosen ‘homecoming song’, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion, Kim topped the second day of the Huling Tapatan daily rounds by raking in the highest combined average of 14.33%. 


As she earned the second highest percentage of combined hurado grade and public votes, Kim was announced as one of the grand finalists. Elaine Duran bagged the highest combined average of 20.06%.

She might have to take a longer and extra grueling route towards her dream of making it to the final face-off, but Kim was able to overcome every defeat and challenge that came her way and is now one of the first grand finalists to proceed to the Live Finale.

Is she going to be the third Tawag ng Tanghalan grand winner? Find out by not missing the much-awaited Huling Tapatan this coming Saturday, September 28, on It’s Showtime!