Tawag Ng Tanghalan Kids Journey: Mackie Empuerto

It is widely believed that talent knows no age. At only 11 years of age, Mackie Empuerto is living proof of that. Coming from San Juan, Mackie has gained the admiration of both audience members and judges with his vocal power and control unbelievable for his age. Let’s take a look at Mackie’s roots to his inspiring journey to the finals.

When he isn’t tearing up the stage with his singing, Mackie can be usually found tearing up the streets on his favorite toy, the penny board. Typical for a boy his age, Mackie is full of energy, a trait that causes his sister to have headaches sometimes. That isn’t to say that the kid is all play, as he likes to study and sometimes even plays teacher to his friends when they hang out. At a young age, he already loves to sing in front of crowds, a passion his father is very proud. Their home is decorated with all the trophies from singing competitions Mackie has participated in. This passion might have been inherited from his father who was also inclined to singing when he was younger. His parents are very supportive of his love for singing. Mackie’s father takes a leave at work to join him when he competes and his mother has already quit her job so she can focus on Mackie and his sister more. Mackie dreams of winning Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids so he can give his sister a huge surprise when he sings at her debut.

On his first time in the singing competition, Mackie performed Geneva Cruz’s “Anak ng Pasig.” His voice stunned the crowd and led him to be the daily winner and beat out the defending champion on that day.

Defending the spot for the first time, Mackie showcased his vocal power with Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” His emotional rendition garnered many nods from the judges, successfully defending his crown for that day.

The two-time defending champion sang “Stand Up For Love,” by Destiny’s Child on his third day in the competition. He was unstoppable as he belted notes one after another and defended his spot.

After his third win, it was no surprise when audience members already started cheering as soon as Mackie sang his first note of Angeline Quinto’s “Patuloy Ang Pangarap.” He continued to amaze the judges as they rocked their heads along to his passionate vocals.

The last day proved to be a challenge for Mackie. To secure his spot in the semi-finals, he went head-to-head against Lift John Demonteverde. His opponent sang “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” by Angeline Quinto while he performed Rico J. Puno’s “May Bukas Pa.” Mackie proved to be the stronger performer after garnering a score of 96.6% against Lift John’s 92%.

For the semi-finals, Mackie belted out “And I Am Telling You,” as a tribute to his idol in singing, Charice. He wanted to sing her rendition of the song as he finds that he and Charice are similar to their love for singing and joining competitions.

Throughout the competition, Mackie Empuerto has proven that he is definitely a talent to look out for.

Let’s all cheer for Mackie and see if he can give a big surprise to his sister on her debut. Don’t miss the Grand Finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids on It’s Showtime, this Saturday, June 10.