Yakap or yaman, kilig or hilig? Angelica Panganiban answers candidly on Hotspot

Angelica Panganiban joined the “Beshie ng Bayan” DJ Jhai Ho in this fun-filled episode of Hotspot where they talked about the Kapamilya actress’ upcoming Star Cinema romantic film with FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano lead star Coco Martin titled “Love or Money,” while reminiscing precious moments with co-stars, fellow artists, and loved ones in the “Throwback Challenge.”

Angelica said that the film will revolve around the dilemmas faced by people in choosing love or money in making life decisions. This, the Kapamilya actress said, is where the conflict between Angel (Angelica) and Leon (Coco Martin) takes place because their characters have different priorities in life. She added that this is when they will choose to compromise or not in order to fight for their relationship.

When asked what advice she could give to those people who struggle in deciding whether they should prioritize love or money, Angelica said that they should always follow their heart. But she added that it’s just also equally important to consider your stability when you feel like you’re ready to build a family. The multi-faceted star emphasized that one should be a hundred percent sure and ready for what he’s getting himself or herself into because for that matter, love wouldn’t be enough. Angelica added that if you feel like you’re still not ready to settle down, it’s actually the best time for you to work harder and save for your future.

She said family culture makes that dilemma even more complicated for us Filipinos. Since many Filipinos are breadwinners of their families, she said they would not sacrifice their job or risk losing their work, just for the sake of love.

“Love or Money” marks the first time Angelica and Coco collaborated in a project. Angelica shared that she and Coco did not immediately become very close, but she said that as they tried to know each other, they would enjoy and cherish their time together. Angelica shared that she would sometimes tease Coco on the set. One time, Angelica recalled, she and other people were on the set having a good conversation while Coco was sleeping. Angelica was naughty enough to wake him up to just say “Gumising ka na, matutulog na tayo.” It was also in the news that Coco gifted Angelica with a set of Gucci charger plates, which had cat designs. Angelica shared that both she and Coco actually have pet cats.

DJ Jhai Ho then asked Angelica to choose between the things that he would be mentioning in the game. For the first one, Angelica was asked to choose between “yakap” or “yaman,” and she chose the second one. She said that the two are actually incomparable. According to her, you can easily get a hug from your loved ones but you cannot easily get money or wealth. Next, between kilig or hilig, she chose the first because according to her, kilig is really a beautiful feeling. Angelica then chose puso over luho because it’s still our heart that tells us the things we yearn for.

As for the life lessons that she learned from the film, Angelica said that it’s actually how you preserve self-respect while you’re reaching your dreams or your goals. She also realized how love can influence or probably change one’s beliefs and disposition in life. DJ Jhai Ho also asked Angelica if she still has a dream role despite having portrayed almost all kinds of characters. And the actress said that she actually dreams of a more liberated, a freer mainstream media industry. She looks forward to the day that actors and directors would not think twice about producing series that represent all gender identities.

After that, they moved on to the Throwback Time Challenge where Angelica explained her memories behind every picture shown. The first picture was Angelica when she was a toddler with a birthday cake in front of her, which she couldn’t vividly remember. Next was a cute photo of her, Camille Prats, and Heart Evangelista. Angelica said they were actually copying the poses of the Powerpuff Girls when the shot was taken. Next was a photo with Walang Hanggang Paalam co-stars Paulo Avelino, Zanjoe Marudo, and Ronnie Lazaro, wherein she said, they were trying to reenact a dramatic poster for the series during a break in their lock-in taping for the teleserye. Next was an intriguing photo of Angelica in a bikini taking a snap of a sleeping Banana Sundae co-star Ryan Bang. According to her, they tried to wake him up to join the group in her birthday celebration in Boracay 11 years ago. Angelica was also delighted to see an old photo with her fellow Pangako Sa ‘Yo lead stars Daniel Padilla and Ian Veneracion, and reminisced those memorable moments in the series, wherein she impressively finished scenes in one take. Next was a photo of Angelica with Bela Padilla and Kim Chiu wherein she recalled having a grand time getting a tattoo with her BFFs. Another image showed Angelica singing with Sarah Geronimo and Judy Ann Santos, who was celebrating her birthday then. She amusingly said she could not remember why she shared the stage with the entertainment icons. She would then see her picture with her Mama and “Love or Money” co-star Coco apparently ready to watch a show, which she said was a concert of Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto. Angelica then greeted DJ Jhai Ho a happy birthday upon seeing DJ Jhai Ho’s throwback photo as the last picture in the challenge.

Watch more of Angelica’s fun and hilarious conversation with DJ Jhai Ho in this episode of Hotspot. Don’t miss Angelica with Coco on “Love or Money,” which will have its digital premiere this March 12 on KTX.ph, iWant TFC and Sky Pay Per View.