Would You Rather Challenge with Darren Espanto

Darren Espanto has come a long way since his blind audition on The Voice Kids. Now that he is all grown up, it is time for him to make big decisions. In this Would You Rather Challenge with DJ Jhai Ho, the Kapamilya artist revealed some fun facts about himself.

He can survive without showering for a month, but not without internet. “’Pag walang ganap, walang ligo. ‘Yun ‘yung motto ko sa buhay,” he admitted. Darren also picked the internet over air conditioning. In fact, he knows a hack that can recreate the cold air from aircons. Simply place some ice in front of an electric fan!

Between unlimited free international tickets and unlimited free food, he preferred the latter. Who could resist delicious food, anyway? The OPM artist hinted at a possible hero complex when he chose invisibility over flight. He believes that this superpower can give him an advantage when saving someone because the enemy will not be able to see him.

When it comes to singing, he would rather be sharp than flat. “Pero siyempre mas okay ‘yung tamaan mo ‘yung note,” he added. Darren wants to have a concert more than an album. After all, he can still release and perform singles. Since he has already collaborated with some of his favorite fellow OPM artists, he looks forward to working with international artists next. Although, when asked to choose between a higher voice range or becoming taller, he went with the latter. Admittedly, he worried about how puberty would change his voice. With practice and vocal training, however, he managed to maintain his vocal prowess. “Nagulat ako kasi naibalik ko ‘yung mga notes na ‘yun,” he shared.

Would you rather have five million pesos or a love life? Would you rather sing with Sarah Geronimo or Regine Velasquez-Alcasid? Check out this fun video with Darren Espanto to hear all his answers!