Star Magic Conversations Gerald Anderson

Through the years, Gerald Anderson has been unstoppable at marking new milestones in his career. And he’s eager to do more. In this episode of Tatak Star Magic Celebrity Conversations, Gerald talked about his bigger dreams and the people who’ve been part of his journey.

The hunk actor reflected on his family’s role in his career, which is to give him motivation when things are tough. “Medyo draining din kasi itong industriya na ito, especially when you’re blessed and marami kang opportunities to do different kinds of movies and teleseryes. They’ve been an inspiration to me,” he shared.

Gerald entered showbiz 16 years ago by means of Pinoy Big Brother’s pioneer teen edition. He said that at the time, he just wanted to experience living in Kuya’s house, “Parang once in a lifetime na accomplishment. Parang hindi lahat ng tao masasabi na napanood ka sa TV.”

In the last sixteen years, Gerald has learned the importance of building friendships with his co-workers from actors to production crew and management team, his Star Magic family. “Kung sa giyera, sila ‘yung kakampi mo. Sila ‘yung magtatanggol sa’yo, mga nag-aalaga sa akin. When they say Star Magic family, totoo ‘yun, pamilya siya talaga,” he said of the illustrious talent management arm.

“’Pag Star Magic ka, doon pa lang parang achievement na siya because of the quality of stars, kung paano sila mag-alaga ng stars nila in front and behind the camera. They’ve built a family and to be part of that family is something I’m really proud of,” he imparted.

Gerald considers Budoy” a highlight of his career as an actor, and he’ll forever be proud of this teleserye. “It was the first time na ang naging bida ay isang special child. Tina-tackle namin ‘yung gano’ng issues – kung paano mag-alaga ng isang special child, paano siya nag-i-interact in a world with different characters. Just ‘yung inspiration na nabigay niya sa mga pamilya na may special child. Hindi rin biro but they’re very innocent. Napaka-importante sa akin niyan,” he mused.

The military drama A Soldier’s Heart is special to him as well, for it celebrated the lives of and sacrifices of our brave fighters. “Malapit din sa puso ko ‘yung mga sundalo natin, what they stand for and what they do para sa ating lahat na hindi natin alam. We will not be able to do all of this kundi rin dahil sa kanila Naging importante rin sa akin to shine the spotlight sa kanila,” he said.

Not only did these teleseryes test Gerald’s mettle, but they also presented powerful messages that impact Pinoy viewers and society. Gerald keeps in mind that he must leave a legacy through his projects, hence giving his best in whatever he does.

“I’m just very blessed na maganda ‘yung mga projects na ipinagkatiwala sa akin. Gusto ko, ten years from now ‘pag pinanood ‘yung mga proyekto na ‘yun ay relevant and quality pa rin.” He finds fulfillment in pursuing his passion, which is to provide quality entertainment to his audience. By that, he meant projects that will deepen a viewer’s values. He has a big heart for OFWs as well, knowing they need entertainment to make life abroad a little less difficult.  

To be able to hit the legacy he aims for as an actor, he values professionalism and preparedness. “Lalo na ‘pag gagawa ka ng isang teleserye, maraming factors involved. Maraming nangyayari, so medyo magulo ‘yung set. Merong time restrictions, lalo na ngayon may mga protocols. So, always come prepared.” 

He’s busy in a lot of ways, but he also has hobbies outside showbiz such as basketball, “Importante rin sa industriya natin that we find something na sobrang passionate tayo outside of this. Just to keep you grounded and give perspective in life na may mga ibang bagay din outside of this business.”

Asked the greatest blessing he’s received in the last 16 years, he cited the trust that he gets from ABS-CBN, “Through ups and downs, they’ve always been there for me. ‘Yun ang true blessing, and building relationships with people I work with.” 

To aspiring artists, Gerald’s top advice is to value the people around you and take care of your craft.

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