Whisper Challenge with Julia Barretto

We already know how an astounding actress Julia Barretto is through her television and film projects in the previous years, with the iWant Originals series “I Am U” and the RCD Narratives original digital special “Love Unlock” being her latest stints. But is she also good in playing Whisper Challenge? Find out by watching this clip of her recent appearance on Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More!

They both took turns in guessing the things about herself, including her past projects, her favorite stuff, and some trivia about herself. She was the first one to take on the challenge, was able to score four out of six, as she’s able to decipher the lip and hand movements of DJ Jai Ho while whispering “Kokey”, the first-ever teleserye she starred in when she was still nine years old; “drinking coffee” and “working out”, which are among her favorite activities as seen on the vlogs she uploaded on her eponymous YouTube channel and “Star Magic”, to which, of course, she’s one of the prime talents. However, she failed to guess “shawarma” and “cheese,” which are two of the foods she’s seemingly fond of.

When it was DJ Jhai Ho’s turn, he was able to get all the words and phrases accurately that were a mix again of the food and hobbies that Julia loves. Those included “pasta”, as she disclosed how cooking it has been her new hobby during this quarantine; “Mirabella”, the 2014 teleserye she headlined alongside Enrique Gil and Sam Concepcion; “Just Julia”, the title of her 18th birthday party; “juice”, as she demonstrated how she makes her own version of a healthy post-workout drink in one of her vlog posts and “cooking,” as she shared photos and videos of some of the food she learned during the lockdown period that includes different recipes of pasta, pizza, and sweet treats, like donuts and cookies.