WATCH: LoiNie asked if they see each other as “The One” in the Put a Finger Down Challenge

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, who currently star in the iWantTFC digital series “Unloving U,” are part of what many consider as the next big showbiz love team, having been so sweet, genuine and intimate as a real-life couple.  

Even though they embarked on different journeys before setting foot on showbiz, with Loisa first taking the limelight as a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother and Ronnie having his career upstart as a member of the It’s Showtime’s all-male group Hashtags, destiny brought them together. In one of Ronnie’s interviews, he shared that some people kept on telling him that he should enjoy his life while he was young, but he said his reply was that he only wants to enjoy life with Loisa.

In this episode of PUSH Bets Live, LoiNie played the Put a Finger Down Challenge. The first question was if they ever made a gift for their partners, Loisa said she does it every time when she cooks food for Ronnie. Next question was if they had watched their partner while sleeping. Both said yes and they shared they could see each other dozing off while taping. They also said they see each other fall asleep while in a video call. The next question was if one of them ever asked for a breakup after an argument. And Loisa bared that it was only Ronnie who did it. She said that when Ronnie gets mad, he easily gets carried away with his feelings. But whenever they would have misunderstandings, they would see to it that they would talk about it.

Answering the query if they ever lied to each other, Loisa said she did but it was only to surprise him. They were then asked if they surprised each other, and they did so during their birthdays. They would respond “no” to a question if they ever deleted a chat thread so his or her partner wouldn’t see it. Asked if there came a time when they had to choose between their friends and their partner, both again said no. Next question was if they already cooked for each other and both said yes. Loisa loved the chicken adobo made by Ronnie. And Ronnie liked the fried ulam, pasta, and beef steak that Loisa cooked for him. On writing a love letter to each other, both said they haven’t since they would usually send messages through text. And for the final task in the challenge, both were asked to put a finger down if they ever thought that their partner is “the one.” They did.

Watch more of LoiNie doing the Put a Finger Down Challenge on PUSH Bets Live in this video. Don’t miss the pair in their digital series “Unloving U” streaming now on iWantTFC.