WATCH: Liza Soberano reacts to her trending ‘budots’ dance video

Liza Soberano dreams of eradicating poverty, famine, and oppression in the world, though she’s still clueless of how to turn this vision into a reality in her own little ways. This, and more, was revealed in her freshly launched YouTube channel wherein the first episode is dedicated to answering questions submitted by her supporters.

The 22-year-old actress hinted at her wild penchant for all things K-Pop as she mentioned names of Korean superstars and talked about them with much gusto. She loves to indulge in Korean dramas, though she’s currently taking a break from binge-watching. She listed down Hotel del Luna, Kim Weightlifting Fairy Bok-Joo, and Boys Over Flowers as among her favorites.

Liza belongs to the Blink fandom and she’s an avid fan of its members Jennie Kim and Lalisa Manoban, collectively known as JenLisa. She just can’t get enough of the duo’s cuteness when together.

Did you know that Liza is on the BTS army, too? She even mentioned the South Korean boy band thrice within this 13-minute long video. Her top BTS songs would be Save Me, Black Swan, and Mic Drop. If she were a boy, she’d probably be BTS’ Jungkook, or Jin because they’re both sarcastic, funny, yet still acts as the mature member of the group.

She named Min Yoongi as her favorite rapper alongside Eminem. Her local choice would be Andrew E. who played as her father in Dolce Amore. She confessed to singing “Banyo Queen” in high school. Yes, the pretty Liza can rap! She also used to play the guitar and plans to rekindle this passion.

Liza was a bit open about her romance with boyfriend Enrique Gil. They influence each other in lot of good ways, like how she draws encouragement from his overflowing positivity tank especially when dealing with monthly mood swings. It would always be easy for her to look at the bright side and fight the gloom when struggling, thanks to Enrique’s superpower of encouragement. Besides Quen, family and fans also inspire her to live with a positive outlook.

According to Liza, Enrique is more expressive than her. He’s the one who says ‘I love you’ more often. “He is more showy and affectionate than I am but he knows I love him. I just show my love through actions not words,” she explained.

The couple dreams of exploring the world together. Africa, Jerusalem, Egypt, and Greece are part of their travel bucket list. A Twitter fan asked Liza to rate her kissing skills on a scale of 1-10, so she asked her boyfriend to join her over and reveal the answer. Watch this video to know Enrique’s verdict!

Liza and Enrique’s love team was launched via hit rom-com series ForevermoreWhen asked about the possibility of filming a Book 2, Liza said she would definitely love to. She dearly misses Agnes and Xander as well. 

Sharing more of her real-life obsessions, Liza revealed that instant noodles is her go-to comfort food, and sinigang is that one meal she could eat for the rest of her life. She plays Call of Duty on mobile. Liza has always been fascinated with magic, so if she could live as a fictional movie character, she’d go for Harry Potter or Hermione Granger.

Liza wants to become a counselor, so she enrolled for a Psychology degree in 2018. She already took up Theories of Personalities and Introduction to Counseling subjects. She considers Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory as the best theory of personality, as it emphasizes man’s ability to change any situation by controlling the mindset.  

Watch out for more content on Liza’s official vlog channel. Maybe we could get to watch LizQuen do a reaction video on their past teleseryes dance together (she’s done workshops with G-Force), or take on the budots challenge like that of Liza’s trending video featured in this episode.