WATCH: Janella, Markus share love story, new life as parents in Star Magic exclusive with Maja

New parents Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson gave their first interview together on this Star Magic exclusive livestream on Thursday, January 7 and talked about their journey as a couple from the time they first met to actually welcoming their first born, Jude.

For the first time, sitting side-by-side, Janella and Markus appeared contented and happy staying together in the United Kingdom, caring for their three-month-old bundle of joy.

In this intimate virtual chat with Maja Salvador, Janella’s aunt and co-star in The Killer Bride, they bared interesting facts about their relationship. While they had been casual acquaintances before, it took their casting for the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “White Ribbon” in 2019 to really know each other better and get closer.

They took their burgeoning relationship off the set and into the real world, exchanging sweet text messages before actually going on dates and eventually beginning their secret off-screen relationship. They said they would spend those happy moments together on food trips and making music.

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Janella revealed that she learned about her pregnancy in a random vacation trip to Boracay after using a test kit. After finding out that she was expecting her child with Markus, she said they were nervous and concerned about its implications, but they still “could not get their smiles off their faces.”

While delighted, they decided not to divulge it to anyone, except to close friends and family. Janella said she stayed entirely at home when she was pregnant during the course of the government-imposed lockdown to thwart the spread of COVID-19. She would then travel to meet Markus in the UK to give birth in October 2020. Markus she was by Janella’s side during the course of her labor, affected by the pain and suffering she went through in giving birth to Jude.

Markus said it was “surreal” clutching his newborn in his arms since he didn’t know what to expect in the months leading to Jude’s birth. He added having his priorities in life changed forever when he first saw his baby son, saying that everything he is doing or will do would be for Jude.

In those three months until now, Janella and Markus said they had been busy with their shifting duties in taking care of their Jude. She praised Markus for being so responsible and skillful as a new dad, doing such tasks as changing the infant’s diapers.

They said they would like to raise Jude inculcating a “proud” British-Filipino heritage.

With warm public reception to their baby reveal vlog that hit two million views on their YouTube channel, Janella and Markus thanked everyone for loving and accepting Jude in their hearts, and said that they are very much excited to return to the Philippines to continue their showbiz careers.

Watch more of Maja’s heartwarming, enjoyable chat with Janella and Markus in this Star Magic exclusive video.