FranSeth Promposal Star Magical Prom

Seth Fedelin got so romantic with how he made sure Francine Diaz says ‘yes’ as his date to the Star Magical Prom on March 30. The surprise involved an intimate dinner that Seth prepared himself. Play the video and watch the sweet moment! 

Seth mentioned that he asked for the ‘blessing’ of Francine’s mother and manager, as well as informed Star Magic about his surprise, which took him almost a week of planning.  In the clip, we see him transform a portion of the place’s garden area into a dinner date setup. He dolled the space up with magical lights and candles and prepared fireworks. 

What happened was he invited his Dirty Linen co-star to have dinner with his family. Blindfolded, Francine stood at the end of an aisle lit up by battery-operated candles. When she removed the blindfold as instructed, she was shocked – and obviously ‘kilig’ – to find Seth holding a bouquet. Letter balloons formed the phrase, “Will you be my prom date?” 

In her usual ‘kalog’ manner, she jestingly answered, “Pwede mag-isip mga two months?” The fountain fireworks popped when she said “yes”! Francine could sense the promposal-jitters, so she kept things light with her endearing humor. “Dami mong alam, Seth,” she quipped. “Anyway, thank you. Obvious naman pinlano mo ‘to. Kita ko ‘yung nerbiyos nito ngayon.”

She also noted that Seth was garbed in white for the first time, and said she had no idea of what was happening, “Hindi ko naisip at all kasi usually ‘pag nag-aaya po sila ng dinner, as in dinner lang talaga. So, never po sumagi sa isip ko ngayon na may surprise.”

They had dinner and slow danced, then watched the night sky decorated with colorful fireworks. It was nothing short of magical!   

They are going to the prom together! And our FranSeth hearts can’t wait for all the fun and sweet moments these two would share.