Watch how Kid reacted to Jairus’ backstabbing accusations in this prank call video!

Didn’t we all miss Percy, the ‘laude’ of the ever-cheery Mabunga Family? Fans of Pamilya Ko and Jairus Aquino get a special treat from the actor as he talks about his upcoming projects, gaming sanctuary, and other quarantine activities in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The actor bid the ‘scruffy quarantine look’ goodbye and went back to the clean, baby-face image he’s known for. He is doing a new film with Zaijan Jaranilla and Maris Racal. Apart from the movie, Jairus also started to ride the digital wave by game streaming.

Jairus used to limit his gaming hours, scared that it may lead to addiction. But the quarantine happened and he had to fight the boredom. A cousin, who helped him create his Star Magic “Love from Home” photos, convinced him to try livestreaming. Coincidentally, he received another call from a gamer friend telling him the same thing. Jairus was finally convinced to build his own den. When fans learned about this, they gifted him a cool gaming chair to match the setup.    

Jairus would cry foul over the assumptions that gaming is just a waste of time. For him, it widens the social circle and is the ultimate stress-reliever. Jairus revealed that he suffers from anxiety so gaming helps soothe the symptoms. “’Yung fulfilment niya sa akin is nare-relax ako, parang ‘yung mga kaibigan ko kasama ko lang at nakakausap ko, nagagawa ko na parang walang COVID,” he explained.

In the latter part of the interview, Jairus gives the viewers a quick tour of his gaming den. He would also talk about his takeaways from the pandemic and lock-in shooting.

It’s always good to have someone to turn to for some laughter and good times. For actors like Jairus, friendships are built on the set of a teleserye or a movie project. Just look at how the Mabunga siblings’ brotherly love transcends beyond the screen.

We’ll get a glimpse of their closeness as Jairus tries to make a prank call to Kid Yambao. In a previous episode of Kapamilya Chat, Jairus was also pranked by another Pamilya Ko co-star Maris Racal. While he was able to sense Maris trying to pull his leg, a little payback time won’t hurt for the sake of fun.

The first challenge was perhaps to make the victim pick up the phone. “Kinakabahan ako pero mas kinakabahan ako na hindi siya sumagot. May ugali kasi talaga to, eh. Ganito ugali nito, eh, hindi marunong sumagot ng tawag. Tsamba ‘pag sumagot siya,” Jairus revealed.

Kid even rejected the call at one point. “Binabaan ako! Kita n’yo ‘yon?! Ang baho talaga ng ugali nitong tao na ‘to eh,” Jairus joked. That didn’t stop the prank caller from ringing his victim’s phone, but still to no avail. Jairus received a message from Kid claiming that he’s talking with somebody else while his brother said that he’s busy with gaming.

Jairus was on a hunt for more possible victims. He tried calling Vitto Marquez but still to no avail. Inigo Pascual was on a taping, either. “Wala akong friends ‘no? Nafe-feel ko na ‘yun eh,” Jairus quipped.

He went back to Kid. After a few more attempts and excuses, Kid finally answered the call. Jairus confronted Kid for allegedly backstabbing him, resulting in a hilarious banter.

“Sampalin kita diyan, eh! Nagpa-prank ka pa,” Kid retorted. He later on added, “Kilala mo naman ako. Hindi ako ganyan. Kung sisiraan kita, lahat talaga sasabihin ko sa’yo.” Of course, Jairus denied the prank at first.

Since he couldn’t hold the laughter, Jairus revised the script into the celeb tried-and-tested “pautang” prank. He tried to borrow Php10, 000 for his gaming rig.

The banter was so real and hilarious Jairus burst into laughter, so Kid, unfortunately, didn’t fall for the joke. The prank call might have gone wrong but Jairus and Kid’s conversation will send you good vibes and ‘bromance’ feels!