WATCH: Francine unboxes creative, unusual birthday gifts from fans

What’s more special for fans than being able to send a gift to their idols? It is when they see their idols’ spontaneous reaction recorded on video as the gifts are unboxed.

In this video, Francine Diaz extended that special moment with fans by unboxing the gifts she received from them for her 18th birthday. Francine shares in this vlog that this is the first time she has received so many gifts from her followers.

Among the gifts she received were a rosary, a teddy bear, a music box, and a matching shirt with K-pop idol group EXO’s Sehun. Francine also jokingly reacts to the customized pen and notebook she unboxed by saying “Don’t ask me, ‘where’s my boyfriend,’ because I don’t have one. All I have is a ballpen and notebook with a name.”

Some fans really got creative and gifted Francine with more unusual gifts like a billboard birthday greeting, sketched images of her, a typewriter, and a jar filled with lovely messages from her admirers and supporters that should hearten and inspire her when needed.

Finally, the last gift Francine had to open was the YouTube Gold Play Button to mark her personal channel’s milestone of one million subscribers on the platform.

Watch more of Francine enjoying her birthday gifts from fans in this latest vlog on her YouTube channel.