Watch ChiManda’s fun and kilig competition on Kapamilya Chat Feud

Give your ChiManda hearts a dose of kilig by watching Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora play the “Kapamilya Chat Feud.”

In the said challenge, the players will enumerate specific names that belong in the category mentioned by the host. While they are supposed to be competitive in the game, the two couldn’t help but share light-hearted banters enough to make us feel giddy!

Amanda got the ball rolling by enumerating five vegetables in Bahay Kubo; then Chico answered the next question about three actresses who were Coco Martin’s leading ladies, naming Julia Montes, Sarah Geronimo, and Toni Gonzaga.

They tried to work as a team when asked for three kinds of food that can be licked but eventually gave up after getting stuck with ice cream and lollipop. Chico then gave five silog meals, followed by Amanda’s three song titles with the word ‘you,’ which she admittedly scanned on the internet.

Her technique didn’t work out though. Chico emerged as the winner by slaying the five-point question on three actresses who played Darna, wherein he mentioned Angel Locsin, Jane De Leon, and Iza Calzado.

Watch ChiManda’s edition of Kapamilya Chat Feud in the video!

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