Vivoree’s reaction to Brent’s promposal is so pure and kilig to watch!

There's nothing like seeing a guy making a girl feel special like pulling off a grand gesture when she least expects it. This sounds so genuine and sweet, as how Brent Manalo asked Vivoree to be his date to the Star Magical Prom.

It happened during Vivoree's mall show for PIE Channel. "Hello po sa matatapang kong V-lievers diyan! Enjoy the vlog," she gushed, thinking the video coverage was only for a vlog about the mall show. She was so clueless!

Meanwhile, Brent also shared his thoughts while preparing at home, "Kabado ako kasi first time ko gagawin ‘to. May prom kami noong high school pero ‘yung mga date namin na-assign na ng mga teachers namin. So, first time ko sa buong buhay ko mag-promposal. So, wish me luck, guys!” He drove his car to the venue and waited at the parking area until Vivoree was settled into the mall's activity area.

Vivoree entertained the crowd with her single "Matapang," which is just right for the magical things to unfold. After all, proposals take courage from the one asking and the one being asked.

After her song and dance number, Vivoree bantered with the host, who probed into her real score with Brent, her leading man in the music video for "Matapang." She replied, "Friends, workmates." She gave her message to Brent when asked what she would like to tell him in case he is watching.

In the middle of her message, Vivoree was shocked to see Brent coming down the escalator. She hid behind the tarpaulin standee and the host on stage, but she failed to obscure her genuinely shocked and ‘kilig’ reaction.

“Sorry po nanggulo ako dito,” said Brent as he came up on stage bringing flowers for Vivoree. Though obviously nervous, he managed to look her in the eye, “V, pakiramdam ko oras na para maging matapang din ako. Can you be my date to the Star Magical Prom?”

We know our girl Vivoree is “matapang” but the way Brent promposed will melt any strong girl’s heart and make her say yes. Vivoree turned speechless, almost teary-eyed. And our ViBrent hearts are crazy kilig! 

We can’t wait to see these pair's cute moments at the Star Magical Prom on March 30!