Vivoree talks about love

Vivoree Esclito portrays another lovestruck role in ABS-CBN’s newest digital offering “Love Bites.” In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, she tackles the concept of love and timing, which relates to the series’ theme. She also shares what it’s like working with different love team partners. 

"Love Bites" is the newest offering of ABS-CBN Entertainment's Made For YouTube. It features short snackable real love stories headlined by your favorite Kapamilya stars. 

For its maiden episode titled “Lost But Found,” Vivoree teams up with her fellow Rise artist Anthony Jennings. The story set on campus is all about an ordinary girl who falls in love with a heartthrob. 

Vivoree owns up to the pressure of setting a standard for the romance series. Nevertheless, she’s excited and always game to give audiences only the best. She says the story resonated with her, having experienced crushes as a student. For sure, the viewers can also relate to the episode, especially hopeless romantics like Vivoree. 

She had no adjustments working with Anthony since they’ve been taping for another project, the barkada show "Tara G."She says it’s always fun to work with him. He’s a joker but also knows when to get serious on set. Although, it was quite a test of versatility to work on two shows with different genres at once. To keep her sanity while switching on and off between two projects, Vivoree makes sure to spend alone time or take a vacation if she has the chance.

Vivoree makes the most of every opportunity. She’s getting used to not having a permanent love team partner as well, although the adjustment varies for every actor she gets to work with. “You really have to work together and talagang okay 'yung bond ninyo even off-cam para magre-reflect siya and magta-translate siya sa mga viewers,” shares the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate. 

When working with a new partner, she waits a little before breaking the ice between them, “Pinapakiramdaman ko muna 'yung tao, saka ako nagke-create ng, like, opinion and thoughts, feelings, or emotions para ma-approach ko siya nang maayos.” 

In keeping with the series’ theme, which is all about love and timing, Vivoree maintains that you will never really know when love will arrive. And there's no way you can prepare yourself for it. 

“Out of the blue, out of nowhere, darating na lang 'yung taong para sa'yo. And wala na, nagbago na lahat, parang nag-switch 'yung mundo mo. Basta mararamdaman mo lang 'yun when you’re ready.”

She continues, “Love arrives when it’s supposed to. Tayo, mga tao lang tayo, hindi talaga natin mape-predict kung ano’ng mangyayari sa atin. We just have to really wait patiently and work hard for it. Love arrives when it’s supposed to, when it’s time.” 

"Lost But Found" is now streaming via ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Catch the next episodes of "Love Bites," every Friday, at 8 p.m., on the same platform.