KSnaps Star Magical 2023 Promposals

Star Magical Prom 2024 is fast-approaching! Thus, over the previous weeks, we’ve witnessed a slew of “promposals” done by young Star Magic talents, much to the delight of their fans and avid shippers of their team-up with the fellow artist who they asked to be their date.

As we look forward to seeing who among our favorite Kapamilya stars are going either solo or with a debonair arm candy in the much-awaited star-studded gathering happening on March 14, let’s reminisce about the sweetest Star Magical promposals that got us kilig in 2023 in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!


Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz

The previous year was indeed a special one for FranSeth because it was when they were initially launched as a loveteam via the controversial series Dirty Linen. Therefore, Seth made sure to exert much effort in his romantic promposal or her to become his date in the first-ever Star Magical Prom.

In a YouTube video, he disclosed that it took him a week to plan and prepare for their intimate and extra special dinner (complete with fireworks!) held in Cavite. Thankfully, Francine’s mom and manager were there to help him out. All their efforts paid off as she gave him her sweet “yes!”


Jeremiah Lisbo and Kaori Oinuma

Ever since being paired for the first time in the 2021 ABS-CBN Films flick “Love At First Stream,” fans of Kaori and Jeremiah have been ardently shipping them, giving birth to their tandem KaoMiah. Thus, they surely rejoiced when he asked her to be his prom date and she accepted it!

The promising actor did it while playing the “Whisper Challenge” with her, which he pulled off with the help of their Star Magic family. In the end, the Kapamilya actress was in utter disbelief when she realized that he was actually asking her “will you be my prom date?” Besides, she imparted that it was her first time attending a prom, so she’s really happy that Jeremiah offered himself to be her charming date.


Brent Manalo and Vivoree Esclito

It might be a huge challenge for an introvert like Brent to stand and speak in front of a crowd, but he took the courage to do it when he asked Vivoree to be his prom date during a mall show, much to her surprise and the delight of avid ViBrent shippers.

Brent revealed to Vivoree that it actually took him two weeks to plan the promposal, and was so worried that she would only agree because she was put on the spot. She dismissed it and was all smiles as she carried the bouquet of flowers that he gave him as they headed to the dressing room. 


Aljon Mendoza and Jayda Avanzado

Having worked together on Teen Clash, it was already expected that Jayda and Aljon would go to the Star Magical Prom together. Yet, he still made sure that she would feel extra special by promposing to be her date. And he decided to do it during their guesting on It’s Showtime to promote their mini-series.

Prior to pulling it off, Aljon asked first for the permissions of her mom, OPM icon Jessa Zaragoza, through a phone call, as well as of Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda, who made a way for him to execute his plan. Jayda revealed that it was actually her first time to receive any proposal and experience prom since she had been homeschooled, so she was really delighted to share it with him. They even named the teddy bear that he gave her “Showy,” short for “It’s Showtime baby.”


Harvey Bautista and Bianca de Vera

Being the aspiring director that he is, it was Harvey who personally orchestrated his quite elaborate promposal for Bianca, who is his close friend and actor in the “Sa Aming Tagpuan” film that he was directing.

Harvey made it appear that Bianca’s things went missing from her tent. So, they quickly searched for it around the set, until they reached the spot where his little surprise for her was installed. A spotlight was suddenly switched on, which revealed a simple arrangement of gold letter balloons that read, “I’m missing my date to prom.” The 2 Good 2 Be True actress initially responded “no” in jest, but immediately retracted it.


Beaver Magtalas and Mutya Orquia

A beautiful friendship that blossomed at the Star Magic workshops where their paths first intertwined, Beaver and Mutya went on to become one of the kilig pairs to watch for in the Star Magical Prom 2024.

Last year, he prepared a truly ostentatious and romantic promposal at a restaurant in Tagaytay with a picturesque view of the Taal Volcano, which he was able to pull off with the help of his family and Star Magic fam. He penned a touching, lengthy poem for her and even serenaded her with the love song “Ngiti.” They ended the night by enjoying the rides at a local amusement park.


Marc Santiago and Krystal Mejes

From being among the child stars who used to charm us with their cuteness and talents, it seems that Marc and Krystal are going to be the next onscreen tandem that we should watch out for after they attended the Star Magical Prom together last year.

But before it happened, Marc promposed to her first, which he did by surprising Krystal at the airport when she went back to Manila after three years. He welcomed her with a cute signage that read “Will you be my Star Magical Promdate?”, along with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. And all the preparations he did and the jitters he felt were all worth it as she said “yes.” They even remade a scene they shared in an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya, which was the last project they did and the last time that they saw each other.


Dustine Mayores and BINI Sheena

Capping off this list is the kilig promposal of Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 housemate Dustine to PBB Otso alumna Sheena Catacutan, who’s now part of the Pinoy Pop girl group BINI. Even though they had not met nor known each other yet, he still mustered the courage to ask his crush while she was still in the presence of her group members.

Aside from giving her a bouquet of purple flowers, not to mention dressing up like her favorite KPop group ENHYPHEN, Dustine also treated the whole BINI with trays of their favorite street foods.

Which of these Star Magical Prom 2023 promposals struck you the most, Kapamilya?