The exact joke Alexa Ilacad used to audition for “Goin’ Bulilit,” plus fun facts from A to Z!

If you are an Alexa Ilacad fan and wish to get to know her better, you’ve come to the right place. In her latest vlog, the 22-year-old actress reacts to the top internet searches about her for every corresponding letter in the alphabet. So, play the video and get to know the ‘sweetheart’ from A to Z!

First things first, don’t fall victim to wrong information on the web. Alexa herself clarified that her real name is Alexandra M. Ilacad, contrary to what is stated on a website, which is Alexandra May Madarang.

Alexa is from the Ilacad showbiz clan and his uncles are known singers and producers, no wonder why she’s got the musical genes. But, she clarified that she never used her family’s connections to enter showbiz, and that brings us to how she was discovered. According to Alexa, she was 3 years old when a taxi cab stopped by their house while she and her mom were putting Halloween decorations on the balcony. A talent scout got off the cab to approach her mom for a possible VTR. She tried her luck and got in.

About her Goin’ Bulilit stint, which is the number one searched item for the letter G, Alexa asked her mom to take her to the auditions after seeing the announcement on TV. She lined up along with over 3, 000 kids at the ABS-CBN audience entrance. She was only asked basic info like name and age and went home thinking she didn’t impress. Two months later, she was called back to face director Bobot Mortiz and deliver her best joke: “May kwento ako tungkol sa ampalaya. Gusto n’yo ba marinig? Huwag na, masyadong mapait, eh.”

Alexa treasures her experience as a little comedienne, carrying with her the lessons, friends, and family she gained from the show.

Similar to how Goin’ Bulilit shaped her career, Pinoy Big Brother changed her life. Of course, it wasn’t that perfect but she’d rather dwell on the positives. Her game plan then was to just experience the PBB life and make a voluntary exit by week two. But she brushed it off because she enjoyed the first two weeks, which were all about songwriting and performing. She’s grateful to PBB for the discovered talents, strength, and of course, for the loveteam she now has.

Netizens tag KD Estrada in their queries about her, for which she is glad, because “that’s the only name I want to be associated with.” And that brings us to this search: “Alexa Ilacad boyfriend.” They are not officially in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but we’re making do with her sweet statement, “Wala pa naman po akong boyfriend. Hanggang ngayon, hanggang haka-haka muna kayong lahat. But I think obvious naman na luma-love life na tayo ngayon. Wow? So, ‘yun lang. Alexa Ilacad boyfriend, wala pa po. Coming soon. Abangan.”

To those who Google her education, she graduated with a degree in Business Administration major in Marketing at Treston International College. Although she finished the course on time, she wasn’t able to attend the graduation rites and was instead given a special graduation photoshoot inside the PBB house.

Interestingly, people are typing in “Alexa Ilacad Janno Gibbs” on the search bar and she knows exactly why, “Ever since bata ako, lagi ako sinasabihan, ‘Kamukha mo si Bing Loyzaga’ or ‘Anak ka ba ni Bing Loyzaga?’” She continued, “Ang dami nagsasabi sa akin din na kamukha ko ‘yung daughters ni Janno Gibbs.” Alexa added that she’s met Janno’s daughters Chi and Gabs.

Alexa got ‘kilig’ when she found out netizens search “Alexa Ilacad and Marian Rivera,” saying Marian is her ultimate favorite, life peg, and the most beautiful girl she has seen.

Admit it, you once looked for Alexa's cute baby photos, too. Well, there are tons on the internet. In this episode, she saw childhood pictures of her with fellow ex-child stars Belle Mariano and Andrea Brillantes.

About updates, she mentioned she’s making more music following her and KD’s hit tracks “When I See You Again” and “Misteryo.” Of course, we’ll be seeing more of KDLex on TV and social media.

Play the video and watch Alexa take on The Google Alphabet Challenge!