Star Magic Face Off: Mother-child tandems differentiate showbiz life then and now

As the world of show business continues to evolve and grow, we have witnessed how its dynamics have changed and how a lot of personalities have come and gone through the years. And that’s what was discussed in the latest episode of Star Magic Presents Face-Off aired last Friday, August 7.

Thus, in order to get clearer insights on the past and current atmosphere, the mother-child tandems of Sylvia Sanchez and Ria Atayde and of Sherilyn Reyes and Ryle Santiago enthusiastically accepted the invitations for them to impart their opinions and even own experiences in the topics that were tackled.

Host Robi Domingo opened the fun and exciting conversation by asking about the differences between the old and new generation of artists, to which the two veteran actresses emphasized how privileged current talents are because they are “spoon-fed”. They recounted how unfavorable their working conditions then, how they have to tend to all their needs from their wardrobe to their makeup, and how they have to teach themselves how to properly act and develop it on their own, compared to the present that everything are readily available for the artist, regardless if you’re a newbie or not.

Ria and Ryle both shared having to undergo workshops and/or acting mentorship since it’s now a pre-requisite, as well as how does it feel for them to have prominent celebrity parents. On the other hand, the two proud moms disclosed how they used to be not keen on the idea of their children entering the industry, despite seeing potential them, as they wanted them to finish college first.

But the most climactic part of the online program was when they talked about one of the biggest and most prevailing issues in showbiz – juniors and rookies losing respect to the seniors.

Both Sylvia and Sherilyn implied how disappointed they are that a lot of young artists, particularly the new and not popular ones, have this disdainful attitude of disrespecting them by not simply greeting them or introducing themselves properly to them. The Pamilya Ko star pointed out that being shy or getting intimidated are not valid excuses for those artists to do so and has been inculcating it to the minds of her kids Arjo and Ria.

The veteran actresses then went on to confess some of their unforgettable encounters on being “disrespected” by the newbies and how they keep in mind the names and faces of some of them. Furthermore, they reminded them, sans dropping any name, that aside from having pretty faces and promising talents, what’s most important is for them to have discipline and respect towards their colleagues and to focus on how to stay in the business for a long time and not on the fleeting fame.

As a breather, Robi called on Clinical Psychologist Jhon Carandang to ask for his remarks on the statements of their guests and his take on the topic tackled. He also had them answer one of the questions from the live online viewers regarding how showbiz drastically changed their lives and even deliver powerful clapbacks to their bashers.

The intense yet insightful conversation wrapped up with Sylvia, Ria, Sherilyn, and Ryle imparting what they think are secrets to having a successful career in the industry, as a piece of advice for those who are new and planning to try their fate in this grueling and exciting world.

Click on the video for you to see everything that went down in the most recent episode of Star Magic Presents Face Off.