Star Magic artists get ‘wet and wild’ in episode 3 of “Hot Summer”

The summer fun continues in Star Magic’s third behind-the-scenes peek into their “Hot Summer” photoshoot against the beautiful sceneries of Baler. Through Eian Rances, Alora Sasam, Jane Oineza, and Andrea Brillantes, let’s experience the fun activities and beauty of Baler in the third episode, “Wet And Wild.”

While on the way to Caunayan Falls for their first shoot, the four stars easily jived despite meeting some of them for the first time. The jokes and kulitan among the group also came naturally, so once they were at the destination, they easily executed the photoshoot under the beautiful falls.

Their next destination was even more breathtaking as they visited some amazing rock formations around the beach. They showed off their stunning bodies and fun-loving personalities with some time in front of the cameras.

After a whole day of work, Alora hosted an energizing game with other Star Magic artists by the beach. She grouped the players into two teams – with Team A composed of Maris Racal, Kira Balinger, Brent Manalo, and Esnyr Ranollo; while Team B composed of Karina Bautista, Michelle Vito, Zach Guerrero, and Pepe Herrera.

The two groups played the “Fill the Bucket” relay game, wherein each participant needed to wear a t-shirt, soak themselves in the beach, and run back to squeeze the water out of the shirt and into the bucket. The team that fills up the bucket the most and the fastest wins the game.

It was obvious that both Team A and Team B were competitive as each player gave it their all – running back and forth from the beach with enthusiasm, and helping each other squeeze out all the water from the shirt. By nightfall, the game concluded and Team B won by a few milliliters of water.

A secret challenge designed to make their bonding and trip more exciting was also assigned to each of them. They needed to complete these tasks before the trip ended and all four were game to succeed. Andrea and Eian had playful challenges. Andrea had to win “rock, paper, scissors” against three other people, while Eian had to poke five people without telling them it was him. Alora, on the other hand, was dared to post a summer body pic on her Instagram. For Jane, she was delighted to know that her challenge was to take selfies with five other artists. Amazingly, all four completed their challenges without much difficulty and even had fun with their newfound friends in the process.

Before ending the video, Andrea, Eian, Alora, and Jane shared a little about their own insecurities and how they deal with them. Andrea sometimes felt conscious of her feet, Eian feels shy about his belly fats or “love handles” when he hasn’t worked out, Alora has certain features she used to be insecure about, while Jane didn’t always love her arms. Andrea admitted that while self-love is important, you can’t always force yourself to do it every day. Jane shared, too, that she has learned to love and work with what she has to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Bond with more Star Magic artists at their photoshoot and trip in the next Hot Summer episode!