Stay or Goodbye game with Barbie

How to know when it’s time to let go? Barbie Imperial weighed in as she plays “Stay or Goodbye” Challenge.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, the “The Goodbye Girl” actress took on a game about different relationship dilemmas. She’d choose “stay” if it’s still workable or “goodbye” if not.

The first case is about tardiness, or if a date arrives one hour late, which Barbie considers normal. She said the guy might have a valid explanation.

If her pet peeve is also her partner’s habit, Barbie would talk it out first and hopes it fixes the problem. “Siguro ‘pag sinabi ko once na that’s my pet peeve, kailangan bawas bawasan pero ‘pag ginawa pa rin nakaka-off na.”

While others consider different tastes in food as a sign of incompatibility, for Barbie, it can even add spice to the relationship. She said it’s okay to have different preferences in small things but not in bigger issues like in decision-making.

Barbie loves surprises but only the good kind. So, on having a boyfriend who puts in a lot of surprises, Barbie answered “stay.” 

Barbie also had a practical advice to those with partners who won’t let you do some things in a relationship. She stressed, “If ‘yung gusto kong gawin ay mali, magse-stay ako. Pero kung ‘yung mga gusto kong gawin ay para sa sarili ko tapos pinipigilan niya, siyempre goodbye.”

Check out this video for a fun ‘love talk’ with Barbie.