SethDrea, KoDrea, Nio reveal their wishes in “Sana” Challenge

SethDrea, KoDrea, and Nio’s big hearts shined in this game called “Sana” Challenge where they expressed their sincere desires by completing sentences beginning with “sana.”

The cast of “Saying Goodbye” – Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, and Nio Tria – filled in the blank in each ‘sana’ statement. We begin with Nio, who said, “Sana masabi ko sa crush ko na crush ko siya.” Andrea butted in, “Sabihin mo na, Nio! What’s stopping you?” Well she had a point but he said he’s waiting for the perfect timing.

Trying not to get sentimental, Andrea continued with, “Sana masabi ko sa lolo ko na may bahay na kami.”

On Andi’s turn, she wished the cast could go on a beach vacation, then Andrea thought of Siargao.  

For the last round, the gang had to complete the sentence “Sana maging…”

Nio: “Sana maging okay na ang lahat.”

Kobie: “Sana maging okay na ang pandemic, so we don’t have to worry anymore. There’s so many problems in the world and it’s just hard for everyone right now but sana maging okay na ang lahat soon.”

Seth: “Sana maging ligtas ang lahat ng mga mahal ko sa buhay at mga kaibigan sa susunod na taon.”

Andi: “Sana maging COVID-free na tayo lahat and we can go back to the way everything was before.”

Andrea: “Sana maging matalino tayong lahat sa pagboto natin next year.”

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