Seth Fedelin Ideal Girl

A week after the iWantTFC original series “Lyric and Beat” premiered, one of its stars Seth Fedelin graced the latest episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Hotspot on Thursday, August 26, to talk about his new single, working on “Lyric And Beat,” and love and relationships.

The episode commenced by showing the music video of his newest song “Kundi Ikaw”, which, according to him is a young man’s serenade to the girl he loves, whose parent is against him. Aside from making the listeners kilig, he also wants to take them back in time as this song is inspired by the music of Parokya Ni Edgar and Silent Sanctuary. He’s also able to relate with it since he already experienced getting blinded by love.

When asked by host DJ Jhai Ho how he is as a boyfriend, he disclosed that he just shows his true self, is always fair, tends to give his all, understands everything about his partner, and genuinely loves her everyday. Meanwhile, his ideal girl, basically, is cute, has striking appeal, and respectful.

As men are usually on the receiving end of blame whenever a relationship fails, Seth impliedly remind people that it’s not okay, especially if they do not know the whole story. Thus, he finds it wrong when onlookers comment on issues of couples, even if it’s posted on social media.

With regards to what he has learned from his past relationships, he imparted that it would be to always leave something for himself and make decisions that are not just in favor of one party, but of both of him and his partner. He then went on to advice people who are about to enter in a relationship that they should find someone who would make them genuinely happy and learn to be not completely dependent on their partner because it is supposed to be give and take.

The gregarious host then veered the conversation to his latest acting project "Lyric and Beat," to which Seth is very grateful for the overwhelming support and positive feedbacks of those who were able to already watch it. 

“101% ayaw naming madehado, ayaw naming hindi mabigyanng justice ‘yong Lyric and Beat talaga. So, lahat kami d’yan, nagbigay kami ng 101% para sa inyo, mga Kapamilya. Para mapasaya namin kayo, mapasayaw, mapakanta, mapaiyak, mapakilig, [at] mapatawa namin kayo,” he said. 

For those who have not seen it yet, "Lyric and Beat" is a youth-oriented musical series that follows the story of a group of teenagers whose friendship and determination in pursuing their dreams are going to be tested by the struggles that they have to face and overcome.

When asked if he ever felt pressured being surrounded by certified singers and multi-faceted performers, the 20-year-old actor confessed that he really tried his best to be able to keep up with his co-stars, especially in dancing since this was which he had a difficult time.

He plays the role of Beat, an introverted guy whose shyness and low self-esteem hinder him from showcasing his talent in singing. Thankfully, his friends from Team Werpa and Lyric (Andrea Brillantes) will be there to encourage him and help him conquer his personal struggles.

 Watch this video to see for yourselves the fun and insightful chikahan of DJ Jhai Ho with Seth! 

You may also catch Seth in "Lyric and Beat," which can be streamed for free on iWantTFC, with new episodes every Friday. Joining him are Andrea Brillantes, Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, Kyle Echarri, Sheena Belarmino, Jeremy Glinoga, Angela Ken, and Awra Briguela.